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10 reasons for why we should choose granite countertops
- Aug 08, 2017 -

There are no two identical granites in the world, so you can create a unique and luxurious kitchen. Here's one thing we can be sure of is that just a good maintenance, granite kitchen countertops beautiful appearance will not fade along with the moment and fade. Why is it so popular?

1, value added

Granite kitchen countertops can add the value of the house. Which makes it an excellent investment. It can add elegance to the kitchen, assuming you want to sell the house, it can make your house a lot of value. If you have money, it is perfectly correct to install a granite kitchen countertop.

2, beautiful

Granite is a natural stone, its all over the world, with hundreds of years ago, but for home decoration is nearly 40 years of operation. Related to other commodities, it can be more expensive, but it is one of the best investment. Its durability will make it the most affordable selection. For kitchen cabinets, it is both useful and beautiful.

3, the common planning of nature

Granite has a wonderful color change, which is artificial goods can not imitate. It can create a personalized home style, so that the kitchen has its own characteristics. Careful observation, you will find the light changes along the room, granite color is constantly changing. Granite color, mottled or other style runs through the whole stone, while the artificial stone as long as the appearance of a layer. The characteristics of each stone are not the same.

Available colors are available. Some reason is because this material comes from all over the world. Not the same as the local stone has its own common quality. Low lines from light to rich, warm, dark colors, varied. Granite kitchen table can be equipped with a number of sink accessories, such as ceramics, copper, stainless steel and so on. This is not only a new fashion, can say that it has been popular for a long time and the results impressive.

4, resistance to bacteria

Because of its lines, the granite becomes one of the most clean kitchen countertops. Because there is no porosity, so it is not simple breeding bacteria and other kitchen dust. Mold and mildew will not exist. Of course, if you use granite tiles, the above mud gap is still mildew doubt and dyeing.

5, easy to clean

Granite kitchen table maintenance is appropriate and simple, just grasp some knowledge. , Daily cleaning and quick cleaning with a soft cloth or paper towel is no different. Use the general soapy water. Because the stone particles fine, low porosity, dyeing is not the primary question. Once sealed or polished, granite can resist moisture. Every 1 to 3 years to seal from time to time. Learn the cleaning method you agree with. Timely removal of pouring stains is both simple and safe.

6, family friendly kitchen

In any way, staying with the kids in the kitchen is a very good way to communicate. They will not damage your cabinets. Perhaps you only need to ask them not to hang on the weak margin, in the long run, this can be in doubt.

7, can be amended

There is another reason why this stone is popular, that is, it can be amended. Do not start by yourself. To clarify the situation to the supplier, consult their views.

8, strong

Its sturdy appearance will not be scratched unless other granite or diamonds are outside.

This is its useful place. You must not love the kitchen countertops that you need to be careful, and you need to worry about the damaged kitchen countertops. Granite can be guaranteed. In fact, it will not be scratched one of the first reasons for its lasting persistence.

9, high temperature

Granite can be an excellent heat dissipation without foaming or cracking. It can even resist the high temperature of the frying pan, without leaving traces. But even so, pad mat still has advantages.

10, to improve the kitchen environment

The chef loves to work on the granite kitchen countertops. You can even cut things on it. This cold appearance is also suitable for disposal of pastry. Once the granite kitchen table is installed, you will find that everyone will become a master of cooking.