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Absolute Black Granite Shanxi Black and China Black
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Absolute Black GraniteShanxi Black and China Black

China's black granite varieties are: Shanxi black, Hebei black (also known as China Black), Fengzhen black, Mongolian black, these black granite is very dark stone.

But there is no doubt that Shanxi black (produced in Shanxi, mainly Datong Hunyuan), is China's best black granite, is one of the world's best black granite.

In fact, Shanxi and other granite granite, there are many grades, we usually use Shanxi black A production of tombstones. Shanxi black in appearance and physical characteristics of the South African black, India black comparable, but the price was significantly lower than the latter two. So Shanxi is often the first choice for foreign stone business.

Hebei black, also known as China black, mainly produced in China's Hebei Province. According to the stone stone and color, Hebei black points three: Hebei black 2, Hebei black 2.5, Hebei black 3.

Glossy Hebei Black No. 3 for the stained stone, due to a large number of cheap domestic applications, exports have been smaller. It is worth mentioning that with the stone industry is not the development of a variety of stone finishes, fire noodles, litchi surface, natural surface, sandblasting surface, pineapple surface have emerged. These rough processing methods, that is, to overcome the Hebei Black 3 (China Black 3) color slightly shortcomings and reduce the color difference, but its inherent high density, high hardness, fine particles still play the most natural anti- This is the price of Hebei Black No. 3 to open up foreign markets to provide a great possibility.

Now Hebei black 3 rough surface products by the world's architectural designers of all ages, the products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, it is a good quality and affordable prices to create China's brilliant stone exports.