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Cracking reason and treatment method of granite marble stone
- Aug 07, 2017 -

Outdoor marble finishes perennial by frost, snow, frozen and other attacks, with the use of time growing, experienced the number of freeze-thaw cycles increased, can easily cause the marble finish cracking. As the marble stone is poor, more color lines, or improperly placed in the wall, the upper and lower voids to stay less, often affected by a variety of external forces, in the color of the dark seam or other hidden injuries, etc. produce irregular cracks , The main reason for the occurrence of cracks are the following:

(1) In addition to the marble color, dark seam or other hidden injury and other holes and holes improperly damaged, in the structural settlement by compressing deformation of external force, due to stress concentration, external force exceeds the strength of the block weak, it will lead to Marble wall cracked.

(2) Marble installed in the external wall or close to the kitchen, toilet and other large room when the humidity, the installation of rough, slit grouting, erosion of gas and air through the slit, so that embedded iron Rust, produce expansion, to the marble plate an outward thrust and cracks.

(3) the marble plate installed in the wall, the cylinder, the upper and lower cracks to stay less, in the structure of the deformation of the marble surface by the vertical pressure, will produce cracks.

According to the main reasons for the occurrence of cracks, should take the following points:

(1) in the wall, cylinder and other load-bearing structure of the installation of marble finishes, should be settled after the structural settlement and then installed at the top and bottom, the installation of marble plate, there should be a certain gap to prevent structural compression , Marble facing directly bearing the pressure cracking.

(2) the installation of marble seams should not be greater than 0.5 ~ 1 mm, caulking should be tight, grouting to full, the block shall not have cracks, flaws and other defects to prevent erosion of gas and wet air intrusion; Iron pieces, causing plate cracking.

Marble in the event of cracks, the need for rapid repair, to prevent the stone cracks in the stone fall, the impact on pedestrians, or directly on the shape and quality of the building impact.