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Discussion on Stone Antique Surface and Processing Method
- Aug 06, 2017 -

In recent years, due to changes in the trend of stone design decoration, natural stone antique processing (Black Leather Granite) more and more widely used in all kinds of architectural decoration decoration, very much by the architectural designers and the vast number of consumers love and favor. In fact, the natural stone antique surface is not in recent years was developed out of the new processing methods, as early as the 90s of last century already have. In China is also very early to use, such as the construction of the Beijing in 2001, "National Grand Theater" on the part of the use of this antique stone processing.

What is antique stone?

The so-called "antique stone", is the natural granite or marble by a special treatment, so that the surface of the stone similar to the weather after the natural wave or crack, while the long-term use of stone and the natural wear effect. Popular writing, that is, the natural stone processing is like the use of a hundred years after the old effect.

The advantages of stone antique processing

Stone antique processing can be rugged satin mercerizing effect, showing the stone natural crystal luster, play a unique decorative effect; also improved the stone's anti-fouling properties and waterproof performance, and can play a non-slip effect. Stone antique processing can also avoid the building because of the mirror reflection of light and light pollution. At the same time antique stone wear easily after repair. While the color of the color than the polished processing is smaller, but also better reflect the value of natural environmental protection concept.

Natural stone antique processing of the main tools

Stone antique processing of the main equipment is stone grinding brush, it is mainly three: nylon brush, wire brush and mixed brush.

Nylon brush is made of high-quality silicon carbide and special nylon material synthetic grinding wire, firmly fixed on a brush made of the base, mainly used for marble antique grinding brush. Wire brush is made of silk or low carbon steel wire, mainly used for granite and other hard stone brushing. Mixed brush, is made of special nylon and silk grinding brush.

Stone grinding brush according to the specifications of the classification of the Frankfurt type; according to the number of categories are: wire brush, 36 #, 46 #, 60 #, 80 #, 120 #, 180 #, 240 #, 320 #, 500 # and so on. Which is used for small-scale manual polishing machine, ground refurbished machines, etc .; Fickert type for automatic continuous mill.

Natural stone of the antique surface of the processing

As the granite and marble material and structure is not the same, have their own characteristics, so the granite antique stone and marble antique stone processing methods are not the same.

Granite antique surface processing

Due to the hard texture of the granite, the granite plate is first machined into a rough surface with a fire or a high-pressure water, and the roughness of the granite sheet is rough, The next step in the use of stone grinding brush when the stone is too smooth and makes the layout of the layout of the three-dimensional loss.

And then use the stone grinding brush to brush, pay attention to the best use of steel wire brush; to a rough brush, brush the granite plate loose and stereotypes, so not only high efficiency, but also the equipment wear and tear, can extend the grinding Brush the service life.

Followed by the specific requirements of the customer, the use of coarse to the number of fine lines from the grinding brush grinding order, until the board to achieve the desired effect and luster. If the customer requirements to achieve smooth matte effect only need to use steel brush, 36 # four process just fine; if it is to achieve the effect of mercerizing, you also need to increase 240 #, 320 #, 500 # three processes, of course, if all Processes will do better results. As for some of the requirements of some of the outdoor glossy outdoor board can be directly used wire brush brush just fine.

Marble antique surface processing

Due to the different material of different marble is very different, so should be based on the difference between the characteristics of the marble to select the processing method.

Marble containing calcium and magnesium more or cracks in the pores of the marble can be soaked in hydrochloric acid corrosion, soaking time of about 10-20 minutes; after the use of steel brush to crack the cracks and holes to increase the stone surface of the three-dimensional sense of the stone, Count to the number of the number of grinding brush grinding order, until the board to meet customer requirements of the luster.

If the marble is more calcite marble can be directly used steel brush processing, the same can be used to brush out the rugged three-dimensional surface effect, followed by the use of coarse mesh to the number of fine grinding of the order of grinding, usually using 180 #, 240 #, 320 #, 500 # grinding brush to work just fine, if the texture is relatively hard marble can be properly increased in front of a few processes.