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Greek marble tomb now Suspected of Alexander the great's tomb
- Jan 20, 2017 -
On July 20, Alexander the great (356 BC - before June 10, 323), was born in Macedonia's capital city, from the ancient Greek Aristotle famous scholars, 18 years old with father, the throne at the age of twenty.Is the European history's greatest military genius, Macedonia's most prestigious conqueror.His intellectual ambition, fighting bravely, chi to hire the Asian and African mainland, widespread, made the ancient Greek civilization is the world's ancient history on one of the most famous military strategist and statesman.

Of the mound for now, archaeologists have some digging and found a striking marble veneering walls, s can be traced back to the 4th century BC.The ministry of culture issued a statement, congratulations to archaeologists have made this discovery.Experts think this ancient artificial mound inside buried the remains of Alexander the great, at least also should be an important part of the Macedonian royal tombs.