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Green Onyx The Pure and Fresh Fairy of nature
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Green Onyx The Pure and Fresh Fairy of nature

Green Onyx, fresh and unique color, is a symbol of vitality and green life. Because it is a rare species of nature and widely favored by the people. Green Onyx, fine texture and round, texture, natural and gentle, translucent effect is good, with the decoration will make the whole space full of vitality, full of natural atmosphere. This can be seen from the green onyx picture of its beauty!

Green onyx unique material, with the natural formation of the lines, fresh and natural, coupled with the perfect translucent effect, used in decoration will make it beautiful, it is a new one.

Green onyx used in small crafts, exquisite and beautiful, smooth curves, beautiful and unique shape, shows noble and elegant artistic taste.

Green onyx used in the stone wall, because of its irregular disorder and light green color and solid color of the square with the perfect match, can show a sense of luxury.

Green onyx used in the production of the bathroom, because of the unique color, so the bathroom is made of very natural fresh, stylish yet noble.

Green onyx used in kitchen and toilet, stylish atmosphere, green jade unique jade material, the perfect light effect in the night light irradiation, magnificent.

The ground, the door sets are all decorated with green onyx, not only to the overall style of space unity, but also to make space more fashion, unique personality.

The combination of the use of green onyx, making the overall style of space unity, through the glass of reflection, dazzling, the overall fashion and unique.