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How to match different stone colors to enhance the overall decorative effect
- Aug 07, 2017 -

Decoration, decoration is the use of all the existing human materials(different colors of stone) and means to create the best visual effects to meet the pursuit of human beauty. In the human known decoration materials, stone with its natural bright and rustic texture, as the designer of choice for the material.

Stone because of its natural, color brightness and purity are not high. Whether it is neutral, warm or cold, its color sense is relatively natural compared to artificial production. As the area is large, the hue of its color often determines the psychological feelings of people in their square space. So in this regard on the side of the designer in the square of the use of color to consider one of the important issues, with a reasonable variety of stone color, to enhance the overall effect, in the decoration process can be seen by the corresponding stone picture And then according to the situation to be effective with a reasonable match.

For a variety of different colors with the use of stone for example: the neutral color of granite as the main material, the space is showing a stable and stable characteristics. If the warm color of the stone flooring, the space feel often more warm, lively, often used in the assembly space. Cold color stone flooring, the space feel more quiet, quiet, in some smaller communication space or closed quiet space often used. If the neutral color of the stone for the square of the main material, in general, the space feel more stable. To a large area of warm tone granite-based, open form, the space is showing a flow and lively. So at this time it is necessary to be decorated according to the needs of the environment to effectively match a variety of stone, enhance the visual effect of the entire space.

In the same space, with different colors of granite composition with each other to form a poor or contrast, organize or mediate the human visual and psychological feelings, but also the square floor commonly used in the design techniques. The following is a few common international square granite stone color with the effect: through the red, yellow, blue, white different colors of the granite show the natural color contrast, the formation of modern abstract characteristics of the pavement, natural color, rich, Lively, resulting in a very strong sense of the whole space, the Tokyo Metropolitan Office Square as the representative; with beige and Indian red for the floor material, with the form of poor to make the whole space is lively and unified and harmonious.

How does the interior affect the visual?

1, the use of color sense of temperature can create a specific indoor atmosphere. Color wheel on the red, orange, yellow and other warm colors. Green, blue, purple and so on for the cool color. Warm and cool colors in the human psychological and visual will have a different effect. Warm colors can make people excited, warm atmosphere. So warm colors suitable for entertainment and sports buildings; cool colors are elegant, quiet atmosphere, suitable for living room, reading room, ward and so on.

2, the color of the main sense of light by the impact of light, the general dark feeling heavy, light feeling light The correct use of light and heavy sense of the indoor space can be balanced, stable effect. In order to maintain the stability of color, indoor space from top to bottom, the roof is the most shallow, darker walls, baseboard and the deepest ground.

3, the use of color distance can adjust the indoor space scale, proportion, shape. The sense of distance is related to hue and brightness. High-brightness warm color for the near color, looks to make the distance between objects and people shortened; low-light color for the fade, looks to make people and objects to increase the distance. The same distance, warm roof than the cool roof will make people feel close; the same, warm wall than the cool wall will make people feel close.

4, the use of the color of the body can improve the size of the effect of indoor space size. The sense of body weight is mainly related to lightness. The lower the brightness of the stronger sense of contraction; the higher the brightness, the stronger the sense of expansion. Dark column appears fine, bright column appears thick is the embodiment of this principle.