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Knowledge about Chinese Granite Wave Green Granite
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Wave Green Granite origin is Tangxian County, Yunnan Province, Wave Green Granite is China's rare and precious stone varieties, has been through the national quality inspection departments of the relevant quality testing, stone hardness, and can be piled into a variety of geometric patterns, beautiful and practical color, in line with modern architecture The combination of man and nature. A large number of used in the square, garden and external walls, according to the requirements of processing a variety of thin plate, plate, plate extension, ultra-wide board; plate processing smooth, fire surface, litchi surface. Wave Green Granite and Hebei produced by the evergreen, with anti-acid corrosion, wear resistance, pressure and other advantages, and more for the building decoration works board, table, steps, landscaping and so on. 2006, young and highly recognized by the market, and in short supply, due to Wave Green Granite and evergreen, Wave Green Granite began to gradually replace the evergreen.

Wave Green Granite in accordance with the color can be divided into two kinds: the first is the beginning of the mining out of the color uniform with the young and young, the second is with yellow dot (gold point of Wave Green Granite) is now discontinued.

Speaking of this Wave Green Granite, there may be a lot of people do not understand this, in the past, this stone was relatively small development, its application is also relatively small, with the improvement of stone processing technology, this product also Gradually developed by people more and more styles, and its scope of application is more extensive, so, as Lingshou County, Hongxing granite factory plant development of these Wave Green Granite stone in people's lives appear more and more.

Wave Green Granite, is a kind of granite, the reason why people known as Wave Green Granite, the main reason is because it has the same green and forest, this green is quite to meet the current people to pursue natural, the pursuit of pure pollution-free psychology, which Kind of vibrant green can often make people have unlimited reverie, see the Wave Green Granite as if to see the vast forest, so this stone is currently a lot of architectural designers and home decorators choose, people not only love this stone Strong and solid, but also love it pure natural color.

Of course, the popularity of Wave Green Granite and its stone hard, corrosion-related, this stone is a natural stone, mining in the mountains of the soul, after years of wind and rain, its density, hardness is not man-made Stone, this stone can be used in the building on the external walls, can also be used in the building on the steps, you can also use the windowsill in the building to do decoration, and even can also be made desktop, give us To more simple, natural living environment, it is neither afraid of planning, but also very resistant to corrosion, after years of use can often remain the same, but also because of this, many large projects will use this stone.