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Maintenance and renovation skills for Tan Brown Granite
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Tan Brown granite is very popular all over the world, often used in the external walls, kitchen countertops and other places.


The ground British Tan Brown stone refurbished before the first grouting, and then do waterproof, and then do caulking, the purpose is to make the Tan Brown granite as little as possible to absorb water, to reduce the Tan Brown granite water law, the conditions permit the last time to do a waterproof The



Coarse grinding: Tan Brown granite in the grinding before the first ditch to do waterproof, and then filling. To be waterproof effect came out, the use of diamond resin hard grinding block, coarse grinding water to remember not too much, each grinding mill with a mop dragged, to thoroughly dry water, check the deep leave Whether the road with 50 # grinding wear off, and so on, the machine go well word grinding, coarse grinding accounted for 45% of the overall grinding time, is to ensure the completion of the completion of the quality of the key part of the acceptance.


Fine grinding: after grinding before the first to do waterproof, and other waterproof effect came out, the use of diamond resin soft water mill, fine grinding of the overall study 35% of the time, fine grinding to 2000 # after the gloss up to 50 degrees.


Fine grinding: Before grinding, Tan Brown granite must have 70% dry, first with natural Tan Brown granite sealant for pre-treatment, so that the Tan Brown granite in the filling loose but also strengthened the material. After refining the gloss to enhance the high, the Tan Brown granite surface density increased, for the polishing agent to lay a solid foundation, and enhance the adhesion of the polishing material.


Polished: polished Tan Brown granite must be completely dry, the use of crystal plane power 2HP above, into the milk Q5 for polishing, polished after the Tan Brown granite surface gloss up to a minimum, 90-100 degrees or more.



Tan Brown physical properties: bulk density 2.97g / cm3, compression resistance of 122.6Mpa, bending resistance of 17.4Mpa, water absorption of 0.19%, Mohs hardness of 6.6, gloss 86.6


Layout features: brown red, very good light, so the different lines of the different blocks of open material is no effect, face open: large pattern, from the side open: small pattern


Main advantages and disadvantages: The variety is mainly brown and red color bile structure, according to the different colors are divided into crimson, pink, flowers, flowers and so on. The main varieties are relatively stable, the same mine, its color, crystal, pattern and other slight changes, the main defects are black, black, red bars, uneven lines, flowers uneven, cracks and so on. Block pieces are large. China to brown tan brown pattern is more like.