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marble, granite should pay attention to the quality problem of the wet
- Jan 20, 2017 -

1 before installation should make strict selection for the stone plate, carefully in the light and try to spell number.Construction in strict accordance with the line, according to the serial number to install, and pay attention to adjust the installation direction, ensure the board with board between up, down, left, right, texture smooth, color coordinated.

2 grouting should be strictly controlled mortar consistency, consistency is too large, mortar liquidity is not good, easy cause grouting is false;Consistency is too small, easy to form plate seam leak slurry, after the evaporation of mortar are generated within the gap caused by the empty drum;To timely maintenance after grouting, avoid dehydration, in order to prevent the stone surface empty drum.

In accordance with the construction of the threeprocessFor operation, the split grouting and may not be a too high, don't knock against the SLATE when operating, wedge.Grouting before condensation, should prevent dry, sun, water, the impact and vibration, avoid surface displacement or rupture, seam uneven, not straight, the plate height difference is too big.

During the construction of the 4 should choose according to different set on stone.Texture, color is relatively poor or bedding more plates should be removed without or not obvious place, avoid influence perception effect.

5 set wall, cylindrical, should treat heavy structure after sedimentation stability, and should be set aside the appropriate gap at the top and bottom or set aside a certain gap between the plates.Avoid the structural subsidence deformation, facing slab bearing caused by broken, craze.

Six stone in the process of transportation, storage, light color stone material should not be the rope, careless, and so on banding, in order to avoid water or pollution change color after the rain.Should avoid knock against scratches in the process of handling stare blankly and surface damage to the stone edge, especially to prevent the acid and alkali chemical products and colored liquid spill to the stone surface, once polluted, should be timely wash clean.The installation process, avoid pollution of mortar stone, mortar should wipe in time after get the stone.Should do well in the finished product protection after the installation is complete, make the finished product protection should not be used when the belt color paste paper to protect the surface, so as to avoid pollution of the plate.

7 large inlaid stone veneer, outdoor setting deformation joint must be opened plate seam, not thick seam with stick, prevent block material loss due to the heat bilges cold shrink.

Eight stone on the back of the coating should be uniform protective agent, shall not be leakage brush, to prevent surface whiskering after grouting.