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Natural stone carving factory house
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Scope of application:

Natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, glass and other three-dimensional relief and line carve, cutting, edge, drilling two-dimensional carving.

Main features:

Lathe bed is made of thick wall steel pipe welding and become, after high temperature tempering treatment, ensure a little deformation, good rigidity and strength. YShaft adopts double motor drive, selection of matching, to ensure the smooth movement.Adopt high precision gear rack transmission, high precision, speed and strength.Imported square linear guide, precision is high, bearing large redundancy, long service life.Electromechanical provided design, selection of all kinds of electrical accessories, will be most zui low failure rate.The machine is equipped with a sink and automatic water cooling system.All dust waterproof design, all-round protection machine transmission parts.

1, most zui fast, high efficiency the zui

Can achieve every minute25Meters, the faster the zui, which can realize fast kuai speed processing, natural high efficiency, equivalent to buy3-4Other brands equipment.

2Guide and long life2200times

Equipment all use linear guide, linear guide to compare light bar guide rail, the service life of the former is the latter2200Accuracy of times,10Or more times.

3, high precision

Big equipment to sculpture1 Mm small, depend on the high precision of the equipment.

4, good rigidity, large steel structure

Can be cut8 More than 2.5 meters in length, mm copper is greater than the similar equipment.

6And high trip most zui

Processing schedule of200 Mm, higher than other devices.Convenient processing third-party semi-finished products, machined part with special shape.

7, large power

A knife cut easily3 0 Mm thickness above the force that press a gram,5 Cm above thePVC。

8And simple maintenance

Industrial product design standard, simple maintenance, can be used long-term stability as well as industrial machine.

9, double motor drive

Double motor drive board, can tear open outfit, the rigidity is good.