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Stone floor construction process
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Stone flooring tiles refers to natural granite, marble and artificial granite, marble flooring.

First, the stone floor decoration structure:

Indoor floor stone used in general for the polished plate, thickness of about 20 mm, there are also thin sheet, the thickness of about 10 mm, suitable for home decoration. Each size in the 300 mm × 300 mm to 500 mm × 500 mm. Can be used sheet and 1: 2 cement mortar with 107 glue paste.

Second, stone floor decoration basic process:

Cleaning and finishing the grassroots level, cement mortar leveling, calibration high, the ball line, the choice of materials, plate water immersion, the installation of standard blocks, paving cement mortar, paving stone, irrigation joints, cleaning, conservation work.

Third, the construction points:

Grass-roots treatment should be clean, high and low to be chiseled flat repair, grass-roots should be clean, not mortar, especially white ash mortar ash, grease, etc., and wet the ground.

Pavement stone, porcelain bricks must be placed when the standard block, the standard block should be placed in the cross line intersection, diagonal installation.

Pavement operation in order to line each line, the stone must be soaked in water, dry and wipe the back.

Stone, porcelain tile floor pavement after the maintenance is very important, after 24 hours of installation must be sprinkler conservation, shop covered covered by sawdust conservation.

Fourth, pay attention to matters.

(1) paving before the plate to try to fight, on the flowers, color, number, to shop out of the ground to match the color.

(2) stone must be soaked dry. So as not to affect the condensation hardening, hollowing out, from the shell and other issues.

(3) Man could not step on flooring with in 2 days after paving completed.