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Stone layout is directly related to the overall decorative effect
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Stone layout is the combination of the site site and the size of the stone board, the division of the most reasonable stone finished product size, and then according to the size and size of cutting, and finally according to the direction of stone texture and color transition, the layout, number, The installation of the number to complete the layout of the whole process! Typesetting is to be processed out of the product, according to the drawings of the plane axis position, area, facade, secondary facade, floor and other parts arranged one by one, observe the field effect. Such as the color difference, timely adjustment, replacement, surface dyeing, makeup and so on.

Typesetting effect is directly related to the overall decorative effect. Due to the existence of natural stone color differences, the appearance of defects, it is necessary to product layout, in order to achieve the perfect decorative effect. Decorative stone plate is an application of technology, do row work, you can install for the next step to provide greater convenience.

First, the polished slabs layout

According to the customer to provide the agreement board (sample), the choice of processing, and then one by one color plate sorting color, according to the scene after the color separation, to ensure that the axis position (front) or the main facade color, slightly different color In the position of the axis of the elevation, corner or high floor. But the color should be basically the same, the transition is natural, the whole can not see the color difference. According to the floor plan and the size of the list of processing, the size of each part written one by one on the side of the product, and indicate the location, shaft position, box number, on a shelf, and so on. Bridge cut products can be planned according to the size of the processing, can save time and improve efficiency.

Second, the rational layout of the slabs

According to the samples provided by the customer, after the election material on the sand saw processing, calculate how many cubic meters of the blocks can be a few square meters of large plates, and then polished the automatic grinding machine plate by color, and fill Detailed quality schedule, into the bridge cut, so that the next process in advance to prepare or outsourced large board.

According to the list of drawings and plane layout chart, timely and accurate calculation of the expected material program. First of all must ensure that the main facade (front) color and sample consistent, and then according to the axis of the facade, area, floor to adjust, the color is slightly different in the back, corner, sub-main, high floor (10 the above). But the whole facade (part) color to the transition of natural, do not see the color difference, and calculate each piece of large pieces cut a large size and set a few small size, size products with the use.

The bridge cut the machine to be strictly according to the ingredients of the ingredients processing plan, if there are more ways to take advantage of priority to adopt, with particular attention to a smooth product, pay attention to the direction of the pattern, a chase of the product must match, And numbered on the side of the product, indicating the direction of the arrow.

Third, the delivery of the product layout

According to the processing plan produced products into the layout area, according to the layout of the drawings arranged one by one, the product surface clean, look at the overall effect and found that the color difference, to adjust, replace, and ensure that the main facade color. Other areas, parts of the color difference, in the same area, the same parts of the same specifications to exchange between, and to ensure that the color from shallow to deep, from near to far from the lower to the higher slowly transition, standing 1 meter can not see There are significant differences in color, color difference (pattern, different particles) to timely exchange. Although the process has been on the road layout, but the natural stone with the same location due to different locations, the color is also different, and the same board will appear yin and yang color, patterns, particles are also uneven distribution. In addition, the stone also exists inside the sweep, dark spots, impurities and other factors, it is necessary to conduct a second layout.

Products arranged one by one, the color from shallow to deep after the adjustment is completed, in order to achieve a better color effect, to the plate of the makeup treatment --- stone surface dyeing. According to the degree of difference in product color, the deployment of a good corresponding to the staining of the board surface, after dyeing to ensure that the whole part of the color no difference, the effect is good. The quality of the product, such as geometric size, diagonal, flatness, appearance defects, gloss, angle, thickness, etc., found that the quality of the failure of the timely replacement, the board has scratches, wear marks To rework.

Fourth, chasing the pattern and smooth product layout

Chasing the product is mainly reflected in the pattern of docking, that is on the end of a product with the next product of the first end of the pattern must be docked in order to reflect the effect of chipping, in order to reflect the smooth docking, natural The scenery. Such as the beige travertine of the docking, striking docking body showing a pattern in a direction, the same level, to reflect the beautiful picture. Pattern products are ruled, twisted of the points. Such as the pattern of high left and right low, right high to low, when the layout by the order of the requirements of Shun Guang or Shun high, pay attention to the correct direction. Chasing the pattern and the product of the difference is that the chasing the pattern must be smooth along the dock, reflecting a natural beauty. And smooth as long as the direction to ensure the correct pattern. Relatively speaking, chasing the product quality requirements, processing difficult.

Fifth, the product number

After the completion of the above project, according to the layout of the requirements of the product side or back number, so that site construction workers "condemnation." Need to be secondary processing, such as the end of the end, open dry trough, playing back bolt hole, open chicken mouth, bonding products, etc., must be in the back of the product by layout requirements, and transferred to the next process processing , In particular, pay attention to chase after the product layout is completed, to write the number on the back of the product.