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Stone water jet medallion processing principles and construction considerations
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Stone medallion widely used, hotels and other high-end places are indispensable decoration. Water knife medallion is mainly cut by the water knife, the pattern, the effect of changeable, high processing technology.

Stone water knife medallion of stone processing principle is:

Water knife medallion is a stone medallion in the high-pressure water cutting process to ensure that the cutting edge than the knife leveling even flush. Using computer-aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to design a good pattern through the CAD into NC program, and then NC program will be transferred to the NC water cutting machine, a variety of different materials with water The machine is cut into different pattern parts. And finally by the artificial stone parts of the stitching, and bonding into the whole, followed by sanding grinding 80 #, 150 #, 300 #, 500 #, 1000 #, 2000 #, 3000 # polished. Water mill pieces of marble and granite, polished according to the material for different distinction.

Marble medallion in modern architecture is widely used in the ground, http: //www.stonesm.com wall, table and other decoration, with its natural marble (color, texture, material) with people's artistic conception "fight" Out of a beautiful pattern.

Stone medallion handling precautions

1, stone medallion before the shop should be placed on the surface of the medallion placed against the wall, four corner mats to prevent sharp corners, is strictly prohibited on the surface by heavy objects.

2, when the application of high viscosity cement or stone tile adhesive.

3, the base surface should be no loose material, oil, the surface strong, smooth, clean.

4, if the grass is not smooth, should first use cement to do flat, set the whole piece of medallion thickness, binder thickness 3-5 mm. It is forbidden to pave it directly on uneven surface.

5, paving the whole medallion when wet paste, around the stone, such as dry paste, must first adjust the medallion size (height) grassroots.

6, with a zigzag-shaped mud board, adjust the thickness and then paving, keep flat without hollowing.

7, the whole flower can be painted with the surrounding stone or tile at the same time in order to spend with stone or tile flatness.

8, fine-tuning flat, we should pay attention to the first with a rubber hammer in the middle gently tapping a few times, and then make adjustments in the edge. Do not knock hard!