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The popular surface finishing for natural stone
- Aug 10, 2017 -

From the rough stone to the luxury onyx stone, all gone through the nature of the quenching and refining and human uncompromising attention to the marble because of its rich color and texture, different processing surface showing a completely different decorative effect. Understanding the granite and marble surface finishing of a variety of processing methods, will help us to better use the stone to decorate the environment.


The surface is very smooth, highly polished, a mirror effect, a high gloss. Granite, marble and limestone are usually polished and require different maintenance to maintain their luster.


Smooth surface, but low polished, resulting in diffuse reflection, dull, no mirror effect, no light pollution.

Coarse grinding

The surface of a simple polished, the cutting board in the process of cutting the machine can not be cut, the feeling is very rough matt processing.

Saw cut

Directly by the disc saw sand saw or bridge cutting machine and other equipment cutting shape, the surface is rough, with a clear machine cut lines.


With strong acid corrosion stone surface, so that it has a small corrosion marks, the appearance is more simple than the polished surface. Most of the stones can be pickled, but the most common is marble and limestone. Pickling is also a way to soften granite luster.

Bush hammered

Rough surface, rugged, is a chisel on the surface densely cut holes, there is a mimic water droplets over the years to drop the effect of the stone.


The surface is more rugged than litchi processing, like pineapple skin in general.


Also called axe chopped surface, is the ax chopped on the stone surface, forming a very dense strip of texture, some like the effect of longan skin.

Flamed Surface

rough surface. This surface is mainly used for indoor flooring or for commercial buildings of the finishes, higher labor costs. High temperature heating after the rapid cooling to form a fire surface. The fire surface is usually granite.

Natural Split

Commonly known as natural surface, its surface rough, but not as rough as rough fire. This surface treatment is usually done by hand cutting or in the mine chisel to expose the natural surface of the rock.

Tumbled Surface

Smooth or slightly rough surface, smooth edges and broken. There are several ways to achieve the roll effect. 2cm brick can roll in the machine, 3cm brick can also be tumbled, and then split into two bricks. Marble and limestone are the preferred materials for tumbling.


The surface is old. The process is to scrub the stone surface, imitating the natural wear of the stone.

Water flush

With high-pressure water directly impact the stone surface, stripping the texture of the soft components, the formation of a unique decorative surface effect.


Imitate the use of stone after a certain period of time the old effect, usually with antique grinding brush or antique water to deal with. Antique grinding brush effect and cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly.

Flamed & antique, the first fire and then do antique processing.

Pickled  & antique, first pickled and then do antique processing.


With ordinary river sand or King Kong sand instead of high pressure water, to wash the surface of stone, forming a smooth sanding effect of the decorative surface.


In the stone surface to open a certain depth and width of the groove.

Mushroom stone

Generally with artificial chisel, the effect and natural cleavage similar, but the stone is the middle of the sky was raised, surrounded by depression of the plateau.