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Windowsill stone purchase and maintenance
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Currently available for windows and windows decoration materials are natural stone and artificial stone and other stone, metal materials, wood materials. The role of the windowsill is mainly beautiful and decorative, of which the stone because of its prominent waterproof, decorative function and become the mainstream of the windowsill decoration materials, but the stone is also a lot of classification, specifically how to choose, or to take a closer look at the following on the knowledge of the stone The

1, the classification of stone arch knowledge (1)

The stone material of the window is made of natural stone and artificial stone. The natural stone has marble and granite, and the artificial stone has ordinary varieties such as quartz stone and so on. The general area of stone is not big, so it is not demanding seamless stitching. More natural stone. Common window stone type comparison

Advantages Disadvantages 

Marble color varied, shades of different, there are a variety of luster, a unique natural beauty easily dirty, need regular maintenance, not very good care, more expensive

Granite texture is very hard, decorative effect of natural, easier than the marble conservation granite color and texture are less than marble, radiation is relatively large, more expensive

Artificial stone light weight, high strength, thickness hail corrosion resistance, anti-pollution, good processing, can be made of curved, curved surface, easy construction; relatively cheap color and texture less natural marble, granite, etc. Beautiful, natural soft; light-colored, especially white artificial stone after sun is easy to yellowing

Although the windowsill area occupies a very small part of the housing decoration area, but everyone's attention to it is not light. For the windows of stone should choose which kind of, because many people do not understand, between the several materials wavering. This is not, look at the comparison in the table, I believe we can do heart at the end of the.

2, the price of windowsill stone

Natural stone is settled in square meters, the processing fee can account for more than the general cost of materials, cutting down part of the stone area will be counted. Artificial stone is measured in meters, a meter that is one meter, generally do not receive processing fees.

3, according to the windowsill design to determine the stone area

There are a variety of windowsill style, a single windowsill, doors and windows, balcony windows, bay windows, etc., the shape of a general shape, L-shaped or U-shaped and so on. To determine the use of windowsill stone area needs to accurately measure the area of the windowsill. Through the length of the window and the thickness of the window into the wall to determine the length and width of the windowsill size, and then design the actual size of the windowsill. The actual size is larger than the size of the sill, mainly to facilitate wear and edge.

The actual size of the windowsill is determined:

Such as the size of a single window, generally in the length of two more than 3 to 5 cm can be, commonly known as "ears"; doors with windows on both sides of the window with "ears", by the door directly over there; L-shaped windowsill on both sides "Ears"; In addition, the windowsill not only two to be wide out, in front of a few centimeters to explore out, that is, the actual width of the windowsill than the width of the windows under the wall width, at least 3 cm wide.

The windowsill generally try to do a wider point of the better, wider will be more beautiful, but also easy to put pots, etc., but should pay attention to, if the windowsill below the width of the narrow, the windowsill can not be stuck out too much, if the floating place more The windowsill will not be strong.

If you think of the home of the windowsill decoration to choose a stone, but also know that by measuring the window area to determine the area of stone, then for the purchase of the right stone to do the basic ready. Here we look at the purchase of stone steps, but also need to pay attention to what the problem.

1, selected purchase method

There are two ways to buy the windowsill stone, one is to choose to let the business door service, one is to go to the stone market selection processing, and then shipped back to their own or people to install, the two ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. The comparison of the purchase method of the window stone

Way advantages and disadvantages

Business door-to-door service owners save trouble, measurement, processing, transportation and installation of stone and other work by the business is responsible for the higher cost, and product quality prone to problems

Owners to buy their own purchase cost-effective, more quality assurance owners need their own measurement, purchase, processing, installation, more tired

2, asked the question asked clearly

The cost of the installation; the cost of installation; whether to increase the loss, plus the number; dig hole, grinding, bonding costs; cut costs; protection costs ; The cost of transportation; door to measure whether to pay a deposit. Note that some of the big windowsill business is based on area billing, small windowsill by meters, which need to ask clearly, compare to what.

3, cut to ensure accurate (0)

General windowsill can be used as a whole stone, L-shaped windowsill, such as natural stone will be 45 degrees angle stitching. It is best to use the hard shell paper to draw the correct size of the windowsill, cut well, take the model to the stone market to process, which is to stitch the angle of the window is particularly important, if the model is accurate, school

4, quality inspection: look at the surface and pattern

When picking stone steps, you need to check the quality. At this time, in addition to see the surface effect of stone, such as the pattern is beautiful, whether flat, with or without color, with or without sand holes, whether to make up the traces, but also depends on the side of the lines, do not see the texture of the stone general hardness Yes, but there are exceptions. If there are lines, thin lines and thinning the intensity is better.

5, quality testing: splashing experiment

Large board generally put out, the best bottle of water, the water poured up to see the real color, while touching with water, feel the smooth, especially the bathroom table is best to light some, smooth some. Large floating window stone as the installation of the location of light is better, you can use some of the color, but the best with the small windows of the same color.

Part 3: Be careful with the construction site stone installation points

Windowsill stone purchase is good, they entered the installation of the construction section. The details of the installation is in place to determine the final installation effect, so the construction of the installation, we should pay attention to some of the buried points to ensure that foolproof.

1, windowsill stone installation should be treated before the wall

When the house is renovated, the windowsill plate should be installed before the windowside wall decoration, so that the gap on both sides can be compensated by scraping the putty, but the wall is treated with the protection of the window stone. If only in the wall after finishing the windowsill stone, to ensure that the gap on both sides of the wall with the best not more than 2 mm.

2, windowsill seams at the installation of cement hook

Installation of the seams at the use of glass glue, do not use cement to sew, if the stone stitching Xu mouth, and then fill with cement, will be more obvious.

3, windowsill stone not in winter processing

Processing stone is best to avoid the winter, because the stone processing is basically in the open air, cold weather marble quality is not guaranteed, sticky is not easy to fall off, and the cold sticky marble stitched large, does not look good.

4, a back net stone is not suitable for narrow sill windows

Note that the back of the stone is not suitable for cutting the narrow windowsill, it is easy to break, although it can be handled by sticky grinding and other means to deal with, but the effect is difficult to guarantee.

5, after the installation of attention conservation

After the windowsill stone is installed, it needs proper maintenance. Note that the wax can not be random, the market basically contains acid and alkali substances, will plug the stone pores, but also easy to stain the dust to form wax scale, and most of the wax containing ammonia substances, the human body and the environment will cause adverse effects ; Stone surface after polished, try to avoid hard scratches; In addition, the stone has a certain permeability, not long-term coverage.