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Yangshan county active development board resources, such as marble, granite, etc
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Qingyuan city, guangdong province yangshan is a traditional resource-based mountainou area, within the territory of themetalmineralsThe marblegranite, diabase reserves, there is "north guangdong mineral of the township," said.

On December 3rd, listed companies and the countrySteel pipeLeading enterprises - guangzhou panyu pearl river industrial group co., LTD. Invested 800 million yuan to DE officially settled in yangshan industrial park project, the project will use the yangshan mineral resources engaged in production of new materials such as composite nano calcium is expected after the production of the annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan, realize the comprehensive tax 150 million yuan of above, to solve the employment population of more than 1500 people.Yangshan county main leader said: "this is a new technology combined with traditional mineral resources and the development of a new building materials industry, will become the new economic growth point in county."

Since 2012, yangshan in accordance with the unified deployment of qingyuan municipal party committee municipal government, the function orientation of "ecological development area", strive to overhaul the extensive exploitation, standardize management, create economies of scale at the same time, keep the castle peak green water become an ecological barrier for the pearl river delta.This year, the provincial government proposed "focus on the pearl river west bank advanced equipment manufacturing industry bigger and stronger", yangshan rapid response, to introduce advanced equipment manufacturing industry,The marblegraniteEtc.plankResources become bigger and stronger.On the day of signing to the German industrial park project exactly is to make use of the equipment manufacturing industry base, abundant pearl river west bank set composite nano calcium, diabase cast pipestoneDeep processing for the integration of new building materials industry.

It is understood that since this year, yangshan active docking panyu district, huadu district, qing and foshan cityceramicAssociation, yunfu stone chamber of commerce and the provincial enterprise, the organization to carry out more field project investment promotion activities, a comprehensive raised a hot wave investment promotion and capital introduction, so far, 56, introduce new project contract total investment 5.26 billion yuan, the actual investment of 563 million yuan, including the total investment of 780 million yuan of ceramic building materials company such as a number of major projects, including test, production projects, a total of 2, construction projects, a total of 32.