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Xinjiang Stone Industry To Become A Rising Star Development Can Be Expected Future
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Throughout the history of the river, numerous relics, magnificent buildings, are made from a wide range of "stone" to build, to now, with the development of architectural design, stone has long been a building, decoration, roads, bridges One of the important raw materials.

Xinjiang is a well-known resource-rich area. In addition to the rich oil and gas resources, this vast land also contains too many treasures, stone is one of them.

With the construction of the "one side of the road" initiative and the construction of the core area of the Xinjiang Silk Road economic zone, stone as the characteristics of the advantages of the industry is the rapid development of the trend of wind and waves.

Industrial pattern full flowering

From Qitai County to Qitai County Minqi Stone Industry Park, just 5 km away, the road is full of restaurants, machinery maintenance, auto parts, supermarkets and other stores, people come and go in an endless stream, they are mostly and " Stone "to deal with people. In this "commercial street" at the end, Qitai County Minqi Stone Industry Park is a frenzy - May 31 at noon, facing the fiery sun, the workers are full of energy, all kinds of processing tools take turns, Cutting, grinding, stereotypes, and soon a block of irregular "stone" will be processed "angular". To be all kinds of stone piled up, many trucks have been poised to go, full of all kinds of stone to all parts of Xinjiang ... ... In recent years, Qitai County stone industry is developing rapidly, not only stone production increased year by year, Sales are also all over the country. Among them, "Karamay gold" series of stone products to become brand-name products. From the town of Qitai 300 kilometers, the same also a county because of stone industry and fame - Shanshan County, it can be said that the development of Xinjiang stone industry, Shanshan Stone Industrial Park played a pivotal role. The industrial park was established in 1998, was the only provincial stone industrial park, is also the Xinjiang stone industry scale and brand production began.

Shanshan county party secretary Sun Zhong said: "Shanshan stone industry after more than ten years of development, enterprises from the development of several in 1998 to the present 87, the scale from the original annual output of tens of thousands of square meters to the current year 10 million square meters, stone products sell well throughout the country, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe and other countries and regions, including 'Shanshan Red' was named China 's famous special stone varieties, welcomed by domestic and foreign stone users.

With "stone" out of the road of development. Looking at the whole Xinjiang, stone industry mushroomed in the Tianshan Mountains north and south blossom, rapid rise.

Su Guoping, deputy director of the Communist Party of China, said that at present, Xinjiang has 12 autonomous regions involved in the stone industry, of which there are two professional stone park, nearly 700 enterprises engaged in stone trade business, , Odd Taiwan, and Shuo, Bole and other places, stone has become a pillar industry of local economic development. In 2016, there were 245 stone processing and processing enterprises in the whole region, among which there were 18 enterprises with large scale and 72 million square meters of sheet metal processing capacity, accounting for 41.7% of the granite plate in the western region. It has become the main granite producing area in the western region of China. The status of the industry continues to improve.

Industrial transfer steadily

When it comes to the stone industry, often Fujian, Hubei and other stone production province is always the first to appear in people's minds, and now, in policy support, industrial transfer and other multiple advantages of the superposition, Xinjiang has gradually become the stone industry "rising star" - Industry to undertake the transfer destination.

"This year, 1.5 trillion yuan in the strong investment in fixed assets, with broad space, market potential and resource advantages of Xinjiang stone, Xinjiang building materials will become the most promising one of the industry, the obvious advantages." Su Guo Ping said, "In addition, the national building materials 'thirteen five' plan to determine Xinjiang as China's stone industry transfer of the main successor area." The central and western regions of foreign investment advantage industry directory (revised in 2017) "to support the central and western regions to undertake Xinjiang is the only province to include stone into the investment industry directory provinces and autonomous regions.National stone industry 'thirteen five' plan also proposed to optimize the adjustment of China's stone industry layout, will guide the eastern coastal areas of stone to the central and western regions. , The government documents also require Xinjiang made of high - quality stone industry, to speed up the construction of stone industry gathering area.

In recent years, the Autonomous Region People's Government introduced a number of preferential policies, from the low price, low freight, low cost, financial credit and other comprehensive measures to promote the steady growth of industrial economy in Xinjiang. Therefore, Xinjiang has to undertake the transfer of stone industry advantages and foundation.

In order to promote the long-term development of Xinjiang stone industry, our area has been for four consecutive years to the mainland stone main exhibition area to promote stone projects, improve the competitiveness of Xinjiang stone industry, hit the Xinjiang stone products visibility.

The end of April this year, Xinjiang Changji Stone Industry Matchmaking held in Nanan City, Fujian Province, Changji City by the letter, the Bureau of Commerce and Fujian Stone Industry Association, Xiamen Stone Commodity Operations Center Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. At the same time, Qitai County Minqi Stone Industry Park Administrative Committee also signed with the local enterprises on 100 million yuan of stone production and sales projects; the end of May, Xinjiang to undertake stone industry transfer activities held in Shanshan County, contributed to Xinjiang days Jiu Wang Shi (micro Ltd.) and Xiangyang Futai Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., Shanshan Wanzhen Stone Development Co., Ltd. and Hefei Fengda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. signed a total of 17 projects, the signing amount of 510 million yuan.

Industrial development in the future can be expected

Iran (China) Stone Group Chairman Lah Bo is very love of China, for which he also specifically to give himself a Chinese name called "Liu Bei." "The name is very easy to remember, can facilitate my business cooperation in China." Although the Chinese is not very smooth, but he still insisted on an interview with the Chinese. "It's going to be good now and it's important to learn Chinese well," he said with a smile.

This is the "Liu Bei" fourth came to Xinjiang, with the past only for a small range of business cooperation from different, this time he has a greater "ambition."

"Xinjiang jade world famous, we are also rich in jade jade, especially Choi Yu. With the 'area along the way' to speed up the construction, I hope that with the trip to China and Europe to Xinjiang and Iran between the two stone enterprises to form more Close cooperation, while improving the delivery rate while saving logistics costs, together with the business bigger and bigger. "He said with confidence.

Riding on the "all the way" to build in-depth advance of the east, Xinjiang is undergoing earth-shaking changes. Trade logistics center, Urumqi International port area, the Central European run operation center, Urumqi comprehensive bonded area, the comprehensive protection area, industrial park and a series of major projects for the development of Xinjiang stone and even the industry have added enough confidence The

Sun Zhong said: "'thirteen five' period, Shanshan County will keep up with the country 'all the way' construction pace, seize the national policy opportunities, take to build China and Pakistan, China and Mongolia, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge and other economic corridor Express, relying on the advantages of stone resources to stone deep processing and market construction as the focus, seize the eastern region of industrial transfer opportunities, to create a complete industrial chain, the stone industry has become an important feature of the pillar industry.

It is reported that by 2020, Xinjiang stone industry output value will reach 30 billion yuan, the employment of up to 200,000 people, will build the largest international stone processing trade distribution center.