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When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?
- Jun 09, 2017 -

In the distant period of ancient civilization, marble as a decorative building materials have been used on the. As early as 4,000 years ago, the Mediterranean civilization began to use the texture of uniform, dense, grinding stone to build large, medium-sized sculpture and majestic architecture. After thousands of years of development, modern architecture for marble understanding, use and process design have reached a very high level, but also created a huge stone consumer market, marble, why now there is no real sense, there are People know the basis of the brand? This problem is worth the majority of stone practitioners ponder.

So, the establishment of a wide range of people's awareness of the marble brand needs to solve the problem? As well as what should be done for these issues?

One, what is the real marble brand

We are talking about the marble brand, refers to a wide range of people awareness of the brand (hereinafter referred to as the "marble brand"), rather than a simple industry brand.

1. regional

The real marble brand, its visibility, familiarity, recognition in a certain area (by region can be divided into regional brands, national brands, international brands) is relatively high, there is a certain focus on the basis and relatively stable customer flow entry, not just Stay in the industry which closed the brand's influence and appeal.

2. Cognition

The real marble brand, whether it is potential consumers or see officials, have a wide range of unified property awareness, than the Gree air conditioning - good quality, advanced technology; Audi car - high-end business, performance excellence; Haitian - seasoning varieties, high quality ... ... too numerous to mention. Back to the field of building materials, it is not difficult to find, furniture, flooring, doors and windows, paint, bathroom, tiles and so have their own brand, but the opposite of the stone industry is the lack of a recognized brand, can not establish in front of the public A positive image of the product.

3. ideology and image of the exclusive

John Morgan said: "The brand is not a product to share, but the sharing of thinking," "Your brand is not a marketing, but a commitment." Brand is an intangible asset, which represents the product and business visibility , With cohesive and diffuse radiating surfaces. The establishment of the brand is a long process of the system, it represents the exclusive image of the brand maker, and the image of the brand and the ideology of the need to show through its brand culture. We create a marble brand, it must meet the characteristics of the marble itself, but also to meet the characteristics of the target consumer groups, the characteristics of the marble to give cultural inspiration to attract the target consumer groups, causing resonance, imperceptibly guide the target group to produce brand products Interest, drive them to know, understand the brand, and ultimately become a user.

Second, the current on the establishment of marble brand, there are some problems:

1. Marble stability (unstable)

In the business community where everything is now, whether any goods can be put into production, the decision is "stable", including shape, color, function, content and other aspects need to maintain consistent standards. In contrast, this "alternative" marble, lines, color ever-changing, under the light of each other staggered. From the perspective of ordinary consumers, it is possible to become unable to understand the acceptance of the defects (flaws). Many post-sale problems are also generated, such as improper handling often affect the reputation or suffer losses. And if the focus is only on the stone itself, is not complete. Marble in any case different styles, ever-changing, after all, but also a stone, if no design needs, then basically not much value. Therefore, the marble should be sold back to the right direction - the marble design, design value is the development of marble brand direction, with the design to give the marble is different from other architectural decoration materials characteristics, with the design of infected consumers, Let them understand the inherent charm of marble, so that "change" to become a fashion and no longer "flaws."

2. customer drainage.

As the ultimate object of drainage - the end consumer, they understand the main way of marble is nothing more than through the friends around or directly to the nearby stone market, the flow channel is actually decorated company, stone business shops and other control. Therefore, how to bypass the heavy level, the drainage effect to face consumers is essential. And often such inputs are quite near the big, so that funds discouraged.

At present, the mainstream customer drainage methods are concentrated in the major stone professional market, large and medium-sized exhibition hall, through the store, warehouse spot trading to carry out. As the competition in recent years is too intense, and by the "Internet + big data" thinking, the market gradually appear on various platforms, stone electricity business, all kinds of fashion, young slogans filled the entire stone market, do not know any of these so-called Of the platform, electricity providers, can not avoid the characteristics of non-standard low-frequency stone itself, destined to easily through the Internet directly benefit. Moreover, the Internet entrance bonus has long been Ali, Tencent and other capital predators carved up, the final round of monotonous advertising platform or self-tasteless, little contribution to the performance, but also talk about the outlet at all. And this kind of input cost is very low, there is "people have me" formalism, but the operator is not willing or that is not necessary.

3. Capacity issues (the establishment of a comprehensive, robust procurement, production, processing management system)

Speaking of production capacity, I believe that this is the reason why the marble brand can not be bigger and stronger a core issue. Therefore, in the face of a successful marble brand may stimulate the huge consumer market, we must from the outset there must be a very perfect production response program, the program involves both product research and development, including procurement, process design, production and processing , Logistics and other aspects of distribution. Or, to achieve the scale of production under the brand enterprises, certainly not inseparable from the appropriate stone business management system (ERP) and modern equipment support, and the two is precisely the vast majority of stone enterprises are very little attention and investment.

4. Construction and after-sales problems (to establish a sound and efficient after-sales service system)

Since it is a brand, in addition to the need to ensure the quality of the product, the design level to achieve a considerable standard, the more important is how to successfully show the marble works to consumers, where it involves a high standard of construction techniques. Currently on the market, large and small construction team as numerous, the overall quality of uneven, operating freedom is too high, the quality of the project is not guaranteed, easy to make consumers suffer losses, greatly affect the experience. However, in the framework of the brand, after-sales maintenance is essential, is an important part of the continued consumption experience, is also different from other industry competitors an important measure. Therefore, around the core values of the marble brand, establish a sound construction and maintenance standards, intensive industry, high-tech talent, the formation of brand team, it is essential, which is the brand influence extended and continued consolidation of the most fundamental guarantee.

5. Environmental issues

As a long period of time, the stone industry generally extensive business model, resulting in the overall lack of awareness of environmental protection, from the long-term development point of view, is a great obstacle to the development of the brand. In response to the advocacy of national environmental awareness, it is necessary to establish a sound environmental protection system in the enterprise, the standard, which is bound to greatly increase the operation of finished products, therefore, only in the high brand premium profits on the basis of, can better complete environmental tasks The effect of mutual promotion.

Third, the customer drainage feasible model

Customer drainage is to establish a marble brand which is facing a very important issue, and now focus on this aspect to explore. To the current public awareness of the degree of marble, to create a marble brand is the most difficult to cross from 0 to that part of the distance, first of all must pay a large enough marketing design and advertising investment can achieve results. And the current market is not a real brand for the people of the marble, so once opened the wind mouth, the speed of its growth will be geometric growth, the rapid growth of a high market value of the brand is not a dream.

1. PR marketing and advertising combined (to restore the most essential attributes of marble, rich design)

How can brand culture be effectively penetrated into the consumer group? Alone in the past large-scale throwing money to promote advertising, consumers may not buy it. Advertising is often in the brand already has a certain or even higher visibility to play a multiplier role. Advertising advocacy in a variety of ways, we need to explore is, on the marble, and its affiliated brands, the core of what is the value of publicity, only to understand this one, it is possible to distinguish the vast majority of the so-called stone Brand advertising, the formation of awareness of the occupation of consumers, to achieve a general level of consumer awareness level. Public relations has become the most effective way to build and develop a brand. It creates a positive perception of products and services through third parties (mainly the media), and has a higher degree of credibility than advertising and public relations. So, in the early days of the brand, PR marketing is clearly playing a vital role. Public relations for the establishment of the brand, advertising for the maintenance of existing brands, the two perfect combination, in order to better play a role.

2. Entity exhibition of the operation (to the user experience as the core, combined with rich marble design elements)

With the convenience of consumers to obtain product information is growing, the past is relatively simple to buy elements to the diversified development, destined to marble marketing can no longer rely solely on the store department of bulk cargo business. The reason why the professional market there are more and more entities exhibition hall, experience shop, largely a kind of industry self-adjustment. I believe that the most close to the terminal market investors, should be based on the appeal of the influence of the brand in principle, the design and construction of regional large marble display experience center (hereinafter referred to as "exhibition center"), and face the end consumer. "Exhibition Center" should be highly creative, highly scientific and technological content, great experience of feedback, not only from the perspective to meet the diverse needs of consumers, but also try to explore the multi-dimensional appeal, in order to experience the consumer Brand marble awareness of a qualitative leap, easily stirred up the resonance.

3. Marble brand core - design

To build a successful marble brand, stone design is essential and essential. Marble as the most long history of human construction materials, its design culture have gone through a long period of precipitation, the style is also varied, concentrated into the East, Western style two categories and more than 20 kinds of style branches (including Chinese classical , The Mediterranean, the ancient Roman, the Gothic, the Rococo style, etc.) Therefore, how to use the marble design to show the ultimate superiority, to shape the marble brand, become a very challenging problem.

Fourth, the brand outlook (based on after-sales maintenance, integrated logistics, the new era of Internet Outlook consumer model outlook)

I believe that, based on the marble brand, the new industry is expected to form the ecological circle, its core role will include the following aspects:

1, the widespread popularity of product knowledge, to stimulate more consumer potential, and other building materials to maintain the competitive advantage;

2, the industry benchmark, through a new design concept, and constantly guide the direction of consumption, thus driving the development direction of the industry to reduce the disorderly competition brought about by the resources and waste of resources;

3, to promote the industry changes, industrial upgrading, no longer as in the past with a large number of human resources for the production of low efficiency model, the progressive realization of large-scale intelligent production mode;

4, to improve the brand value, improve their competitiveness, attract more high-end talent within and outside the industry, the formation of a more powerful operating team;

5, the influence of the marble brand radiation to foreign countries, high-quality production technology, design culture transported to foreign markets, to create more benefits, to consolidate the core competitiveness. Stone as a building materials products in the global production value of building materials occupy a large proportion, and this proportion in the next 5 years to 10 years will continue to expand.

6, the establishment of the true sense of the marble industry, large data, covering the entire industry segmentation (including mining, large board, technology, stone logistics, sales, end consumers, after-sales, etc.), but also by taking macroeconomic information, Stone industry to create greater room for development.

The above point of view, even if only a considerable degree of speculative conclusions, or no data to support the talk, but as long as down to earth, step by step to complete, is also conceivable and enterprise.