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Stone News In June 2017
- Jun 09, 2017 -


National Customs clearance through the basic realization of the year to promote the "national dividend" release

According to the voice of the economy, "the world financial" reported that the State Council executive meeting proposed to deploy in-depth promotion of national customs clearance integration, to create a more open and convenient business environment. Zou Zhiyu, deputy director of the General Administration of Customs, said that at present, 17 provinces and cities have been built a "single window", according to plan, this year to basically achieve the national customs clearance integration, so that the national customs clearance Business more benefit.


Respect for building materials debut Shanghai kitchen exhibition

May 31 morning, to respect the building materials together with the natural marble home brand Dapu Lapure debut 22nd China (Shanghai) International Kitchen, bathroom facilities exhibition (Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition). It is understood that this exhibition area of 210,000 square meters exhibition to "wisdom, innovation" as the main theme, the show will last 4 days.


Hongyi Aisi Te Xiamen Stone Experience Museum opened

May 27, Hongyi Esaite Stone Experience Museum opened in Xiamen Huli District, which is following the Quanzhou East Bay Experience Museum after the second experience museum. Hundreds of stone people gathered together to join the event. It is reported that in 2011, Hongyi Aisi Te founded the project center, after years of struggle, has been widely acclaimed and recognized by the industry. In 2016, Hongyi Aisi Yate into the home improvement market, in March this year, Hongyi Stone Industry has set up finishing plant for the Aisi Yate finishing factory to meet the needs of high-end customers home improvement.

Haixi Stone City held package dumplings DIY activities

May 28 morning, Hercynian stone city held "passionate sea West joy dumplings mobilization" package dumplings DIY activities. It is understood that not only participate in the activities of the Hercynian workers, Hercynian stone city businessmen are also Qingqing join the common experience Dragon Boat Festival dumplings fun.

Jinjiang City held May 1 Labor Award in recognition of the General Assembly, Jin workers won a number of awards

May 26 morning, Jinjiang City Federation of Trade Unions held May 1 Labor Award in recognition of the General Assembly. The meeting was chaired by Peng Pei-chu, executive vice president of the City Federation of Trade Unions. At the meeting read out the recognition decision, held the award ceremony, Jin workers machinery was awarded "Fujian Province May 1 labor certificate", technical center Wang Bin led the team developed a multi-functional forward forklift truck won the Jinjiang City workers innovative achievements of the game First prize, gold shop staff Cai Zhisheng was awarded the first Jinjiang City, "Jinjiang craftsmen", respectively, came to accept the award. At the same time, the company trade union chairman Zheng Qianyuan on behalf of the winning unit made a "lead the innovation drive, create a harmonious culture, to achieve business integration" theme.

May head stone index orders down environmental pressure to increase

According to "China's head stone index" information system monitoring, May stone profit index closed at 105.5 points, the chain callback 12.7 points, callback about 10.27%, up 8.89 points, up about 9.2%. May stone industry development momentum slowed down, production and marketing have retracted, stock pressure has increased, business confidence has declined, the industry boom callback, the market outlook is expected to be cautious.

East Star luxury stone president of the signing will be opened

May 28, East Star luxury stone president of the signing of a grand opening. From the east, north, southwest region of nearly 300 pieces of building materials agents, wholesalers and designers friends such as about China's limestone Expo. According to preliminary statistics of Dongxing luxury stone, in the third quarter of the 28th East Star luxury stone president of the signing meeting, less than 8 hours, the president of the scene on the signing of 60 single, of which the first single amount to refresh the 2016 record The


"Central Valley" settled in Hubei Hong'an total investment of 6.1 billion

May 28 morning, China Hongan stone industry upgrading demonstration project government investment briefing session and the central stone valley project launch ceremony held in Hongan. From all over the country's stone industry chain suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, service providers and other nearly a thousand guests. The central stone valley head Luo Feng said at the launching ceremony, the central valley valley relying on Yangluo Gang Jianghai transport advantages, the construction of Huazhong stone industry fulcrum, in the hinterland of central China to form a "three mountains and two parks a point" pattern. And as a center, the central region was radial stone industry cluster gathered in a fulcrum, together into a huge centripetal force. Play the role of "four or two dial" leverage, and gradually crack the stone industry overcapacity, homogenization of competition and other problems, to achieve the central region of stone industry, "transformation and development, sustainable development" goal to complete the first phase of the stone industry restructuring shuffle.

Hubei Huajian Stone Co., Ltd. listed the new three board

May 27, Hubei Huajian Stone Co., Ltd. listed the new three board, stock code: 871417. This is the first listed in Hubei Province, the new three board of stone enterprises. It is understood that Huajian Stone Co., Ltd. has been rooted in the Macheng years, chairman Li Longcai as the president of Macheng Stone Association. Its leading investment in the central (Macheng) Stone Industry Circular Economy Industrial Park is a key construction project in Hubei Province, Hubei Province, focusing on supporting industrial clusters, the Ministry of Land recommended stone "Macheng sample", Hubei Province small business innovation demonstration base, Standardize the development and utilization of stone demonstration base, leading the Macheng stone industry to green, environmental protection, recycling and healthy development of the road, by the leaders at all levels in Hubei Province, all levels of praise and strong support, has become a model of domestic stone mining.

Jiangsu Province

Nantong Stone Association practice the concept of loving good practice generous donation charity fund 4 million yuan

To further carry out the "charity law", and further promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, enlarge Rugao "love city" "China charity hundred city" brand effect, leading the city cadres and the masses, the community take the initiative to participate in charitable donations, boost Rugao economy Social undertakings developed good and fast, the afternoon of May 26, 2017, Rugao municipal government in the city administrative center auditorium held a "love charity publicity month" cum donation activities mobilization meeting. In the donation activities mobilization meeting, Nantong Stone Association executive vice president and secretary general Zhou Xiaocheng on behalf of the association donated love fund 4 million yuan, this is full of social energy is the love of righteousness, access to the Rugao leadership and the community highly appreciated and Praise.

Nantong Stone Association representatives welcomed the establishment of Jiaxing City Stone Industry Association celebration

May 27, 2017, Jiaxing City Stone Industry Association set up a celebration ceremony held in Jiaxing Jinghui Hotel, Nantong Stone Association was invited to attend. President Wang Jiafu, executive vice president and secretary general Zhou Xiaozeng, executive vice president Wang Ning Liu, Wang Li fast, Zhu Shaohua, Huang Guoqiang, Huang Sijing, vice chairman Wang Jin two, Xie Zhilai, deputy secretary general Wang Yidong as a representative Guests witnessed the birth of another industry power. At the meeting, Wang Jiafu, president of Nantong Stone Association was formally hired as honorary president of Jiaxing Stone Industry Association.


Xinjiang to undertake the transfer of stone industry activities and investment cooperation project signing ceremony held in Shanshan

May 26, Xinjiang to undertake the transfer of stone industry activities and investment cooperation project signing ceremony in Xinjiang Shanshan Stone Park Central Asia Stone Expo Center was successfully held. This event has led to 17 projects such as Xinjiang Tianjue Wang Shiye Co., Ltd. and Xiangyang Futai Culture Industry Co., Ltd., Shanshan Wanzhen Stone Development Co., Ltd. and Hefei Fengda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and the signing amount is RMB 510 million. Which Shanshan Stone Industrial Park landing contract 260 million yuan, Qitai County Minqi stone processing park landing contracted 120 million yuan, Jinshi International Stone City signed 130 million yuan landing. This event will further promote the development of Xinjiang stone industry, but also for the "one way along the way" construction has laid a solid foundation.