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China Stone: Difficulties And Challenges Catalytic Transformation
- Jun 08, 2017 -

To the international trade and domestic high-end construction projects as the main source of orders for the size of the Chinese stone enterprises, in recent years, a large area of recession index, since the reform and opening up the stone industry since the spring breeze development mileage is more difficult year. Among them, due to the 2008 global economic recession and the impact of resources, the environment, labor and other costs of substantial growth squeeze, some companies started less than half. However, China's stone industry enterprises in the plight of strengthening the comprehensive competitiveness, to seek new market opportunities, to achieve the overall strength of industrial upgrading.

In recent years, the overall situation of China's stone industry is still relatively stable, showing several major trends: the steady growth of production, growth has slowed down. National stone industry above the scale of marble and granite plate production and industrial added value remained at about ten percentage points.

The market situation is grim, export resistance. Stone exports than the previous few years, the growth rate slowed down, only to maintain at around 10%.

The downward trend in performance, business pressure to increase. National stone industry above-scale enterprises to achieve profits compared to a few years ago significantly reduced, more small and medium enterprises operating difficulties, profits are thin, more difficult.

On the international market, the "export-oriented" -based Chinese stone industry, since 2008, North America, Europe and even Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries of China's traditional export of stone products and countries generally appear difficult price, large orders The signs of sharp drop, trade frictions triggered by price and standard scales are constantly happening. Among them, especially in the tombstone stone export of traditional powers of the Japanese market changes more obvious. In the domestic market, a few years ago with the "Olympic economy" and the government's economic stimulus, to promote the stone industry really a fire. Some large and medium-sized stone enterprises to worry about orders, corporate profits, expanding capacity, but also greatly stimulated the stone machinery and equipment, machinery and stone chemical industry and other industries. However, with China's stone industry into the "post-Olympic" period, and short-term economic stimulus, the construction of public buildings around the climax gradually receded, as well as resources, environment, labor costs a substantial increase in the domestic market demand for stone products " Interrupted "sexual downturn has long been presented.

Adjust the business strategy to extend the market tentacles China's stone industry has experienced 20 years of low-cost development stage, with the changes in the world economic situation and the relevant national policy adjustments, has now entered a high cost stage of development. Accordingly, China's stone business strategy adjustment, the concept of renewal, the accurate positioning of the market has become a top priority. Zou Chuan-sheng, president of China Stone Industry Association recently in the development of China's stone industry situation report has pointed out that the market strategy is all industries and enterprises must first study the problem, is the guiding issue. At present, the stone industry must pay special attention to study the changes in domestic and international stone market, correctly handle the international regional markets, domestic regional markets between the investment and the relationship between the consumer market, the implementation of a wide range of market strategy.

First of all, in the traditional export market downturn in the unfavorable situation, to be good at grasping and expanding the emerging market areas, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, as well as in recent years, "wake up" in Russia, Kazakhstan and other emerging markets. Data show that in recent years, China's Russia and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar three oil-producing countries, the growth rate of stone exports showed a rapid upward trend. Therefore, continue to pay attention to Japan, the United States, South Korea and the European Union and other traditional markets at the same time, China's stone exports should focus on vigorously develop new international markets.

Second, in the domestic market to continue to adapt to China's macroeconomic adhere to the expansion of domestic demand, especially the consumer demand policy, to promote economic growth by relying mainly on investment, export-led to rely on consumption, investment, export coordination pull change. Therefore, the market for stone industry must also shift from major investment in engineering and export to consumption (mainly household consumption), and should focus on the consumer market. In recent years, Fujian and other places of some large enterprises have begun to expand the domestic market have "shot", the marketing branch and processing plants to the western and northern regions of the "movement" has initially shown a large stone enterprises in the forecast market, Against risk and other aspects of the guiding role.

Again, China's economic development has emerged from south to north, from east to west layout. Thus, the stone industry south strong north weak, East strong West weak traditional layout is bound to change. The development of the Bohai Sea Economic Zone, the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base and the implementation of the western development strategy have attracted the attention of the stone industry. The rich resources of the central and western regions, relatively inexpensive labor resources and potential huge market space have attracted one A large number of powerful enterprises to invest and set up factories. Integration of mining resources, into the Midwest, the Bohai Sea, the northeastern region of the market, has become the stone industry in recent years brilliant "landscape."

Enterprises need to take the road of upgrading China's stone industry after 20 years, "we all make money," the development stage, the rapid growth of the world's stone power, to a certain extent, is the domestic labor, land, stone resources, low cost of environmental protection "advantage "For the long-term lack of product development, brand, business model of innovation, the whole industry," small, soil, scattered, chaos "phenomenon is still serious to rely on the purchase of wool board, earn grinding and processing profits of small businesses abound The These enterprises often do not have the appropriate design capabilities and cooperation with the decoration companies, builders level of cooperation, business management and marketing network is also very sound, but also do not have the ability to resist market risks. Thus, in a large economic environment unfavorable conditions, these stone enterprises were forced to collapse or merger, it becomes an unavoidable reality.

It is gratifying that now in Fujian head, Shandong Laizhou, Guangdong Yunfu and other stone industry cluster, the industry segment has been relatively mature, and grow a large number of large-scale strength of stone enterprises. Most of these enterprises are export-oriented enterprises, earlier learned from the stone industry developed countries marketing idea, with strong product innovation capability, at the same time, after 20 years of development, but also accumulated enough strength and development potential. There are indications that the global financial crisis, the Chinese stone industry will re-"shuffle" to provide a rare historical opportunity, the pace of integration of China's stone industry will accelerate with the development of the economic situation, so as to promote the overall improvement of the industry.

From the fundamentals of China's economic development, urbanization construction has a long way to go, the construction of new socialist countryside will also provide a broader space for the development of stone products. From the long-term policy objectives of energy-saving emission reduction and other countries, as the building materials products in the lowest energy consumption of natural stone products, in the modern urban construction and home improvement market to be more widely used.

At present, although the trend of the world economic situation is still in unpredictable changes, but the industry a number of leading enterprises in new products, new technology research and development, transformation of marketing model, build national brands, open up new markets and other aspects of a rainy day, ready The Winter is coming, spring will no longer be far away.