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Nanjing East China Stone City To Help Jiangbei New District Development
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Nanjing Jiangbei New District is the most important economic construction in Jiangsu Province, how to tie in with the construction of Jiangbei New District? March 22, "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter interview Nanjing East China Stone City, to understand the development of stone city and Jiangbei new mutual promotion, interdependence, make up short board, cost reduction, reasonable operation as the standard market service model The

According to reports, the stone industry on the traffic conditions require a higher, convenient transportation for stone storage and transportation, is conducive to reducing production costs. To this end, the stone city construction at the beginning to take into account these, the Nanjing East China Stone City built in Nanjing Pukou District Yongning Street Pu Si Road No. 289 (formerly 104 National Road), by the Nanjing China Shipping Market Management Co., Ltd., from the highway entrances and exits Two kilometers, and near the water pier, the traffic is very convenient.

"China Sankei Shimbun": At present, the status of Stone City and the development of the situation how?

Zhao Yi (Nanjing Huayun Market Management Co., Ltd. General Manager): Stone City, a project covers an area of 500 mu, building area of 260,000 square meters. Road planning for the "four vertical and eight horizontal", the stone business to stay through each other. The second phase of the project is currently under construction. In the stone city, basically all kinds of domestic varieties of stone we are included in, such as gold hemp, pearl flowers, Royal red and so on. In addition, we not only have the domestic production of stone, but also from Italy, Spain, Iran and other countries imported stone, greatly enriched the Stone City stone category to meet the consumer.

Stone City from the beginning of 2013 for the country's mineral wholesale market investment, in order to support business, we launched the "rent two with three" model, that business to pay two years of rent, you can use the venue for three years, this model attracted Many enterprises come to the investment rate has reached 93% in the industry be regarded as a high level of investment. And we according to some of the relevant government policies placed a part of the stone business. Stone City, a total of more than 300 businesses, of which 90% have been put into operation, and the emergence of a good economic benefits. This year in May, Stone City will be officially opened.

"China Sankei Shimbun": in the market management and services to do what, what needs to be strengthened and improved?

Zhao Yi: At present, we set up the Ministry of Property, the Ministry of investment, operation, engineering, supervision and other departments, all departments with the first to protect the personal business and property security. Property, security, accommodation, catering, banking, taxation and other supporting services and facilities, fully able to meet the business and living needs of businessmen. For businesses to provide a rest assured that the business environment and comfortable living environment. Now apply to the higher party committee, the formation of Nanjing East China Stone City Party branch, so that the market members of the party members live life.

In the early days we actively with all businesses were liaison and communication, to avoid blind competition, malicious dumping, to promote fair competition, and create a friendly atmosphere of solidarity. Guquan the overall interests and long-term interests to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. In addition, we actively cooperate with the business sector and the tax department to carry out the relevant checks. In terms of dust, sewage, noise, etc., our standards fully comply with the requirements of environmental protection departments.

According to the reporter, Nanjing Jiangbei New District is the only state-level new district in Jiangsu Province, is to provide new economic growth momentum, is conducive to promoting the transformation and upgrading of Jiangsu's economy. The construction of Nanjing East China Stone City coincides with the development time of Jiangbei New District.