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What Happened To The Stone Ring In The Fourth Week Of March?
- Jun 08, 2017 -


Nan'an City Bureau of Commerce Deputy Secretary Lin Wenfeng and his entourage come to the city stone foreign trade association guidance

On the morning of March 25, Lin Wenfeng, deputy director of the Nanan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Lin Yixi, chief executive of the Foreign Trade Department of the Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau, Lin Bin, executive vice president of the Internet Industry and Technology Group, Lin Jian, manager of the R & D department of the Hercynian Commodity Exchange, Nanan City Stone Foreign Trade Association to guide the work, Nanan City Stone Foreign Trade Association Lu Youyou, Li Haijun, who accompanied the exchange. Seminar, the participants on the current hot issues of stone development and how to work together to create a global stone trading center for in-depth discussion.

Ishii to East Stone Bridge is about to start construction

March 22 According to Jinjiang Economic News, as the provincial key projects of Xiamen Zhangquan City Union Expressway relocation work is about to start; and Xiamen Zhangquan City Union Expressway supporting the Anhai Bay East Stone to Nanan Ishii Bridge construction project, Construction team has been ready to start, will immediately start construction. After the completion of the bridge, will reduce the Nanan Guanqiao, head, Ishii to Anhai, East stone traffic distance, and will further promote the official bridge, head, Ishii and Anhai, East stone in the economic life of the integration of development. In addition, according to the pattern of "one bay and two wings", Dongshi, Ishii, Anhai, inside pit, head, Guanqiao economy six towns will form the south wing of the new city, cross-sea bridge channel will be connected to "South Wing Metro" important traffic To achieve the sharing of resources to promote the development of new urbanization play an important role.

The country's largest stone-shaped special-shaped boutique center will be completed in June in Nanan

"The country's largest stone carvings, special-shaped boutique center will be completed in June in Nanan." This is the reporter recently held in Nanan City, Hui'an Quangang · Taiwan business district Chamber of Commerce 2016 annual meeting was informed. According to the Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Wu Rongbin introduction, the center planning area of 40 acres, is the province and the country's largest stone carving, shaped boutique display base.

Nanan City introduced "to promote industrial economic stability and growth of 18 measures"

Recently, the Nanan city government "to promote industrial economic stability and growth of 18 measures" officially released, to promote the city's industrial economy and stable growth, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry to bring a lot of good. These 18 measures include encouraging enterprises to increase production efficiency, support enterprises to open up the market, guide the cooperation and support, support the development of small and medium enterprises, increase financial support, and further reduce the burden on enterprises to strengthen the operation analysis and coordination services seven aspects.

Global stone to carry out workplace combat training

March 19, Global Stone Company management and sales, technical department, marketing department and other departments, jointly launched a "thinking guide application cube" workplace combat training.

Haixi Stone City Organization internal sales training

March 23, Hercynian stone city organization internal sales training first lecture "project marketing", by the executive director of the shareholders of the company. It is reported that the Hercynian Stone City to enhance the company's business level and business quality, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and train the company's professional, outstanding business talent, since March the course will continue to speak.

A large number of soil adhesion in the stone surface "entry" Haicang port was intercepted

Xiamen Haicang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff recently from a group of Turkish marble blocks intercepted a large number of soil, has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state of the goods carried out a strict sanitation and destruction of treatment. A total of two containers of goods, quarantine officers on-site inspection found a large number of soil adhesion on the stone surface, there are a small amount of soil scattered around the container, the soil color brown, mixed plant roots and a small amount of plastic fragments.

Jin workers machinery won the "Jinjiang top ten corporate culture pioneer" award

March 23, Jinjiang City, 2016 annual corporate culture held successfully, Jin workers machinery, Heng On Group, Panpan Group 10 Jinjiang City, the brand company, won the "Jinjiang top ten corporate culture pioneer" award. The selection of activities by the Jinjiang City ideological and political work will be, Jinjiang City Enterprise Culture Association, Jinjiang Economic News hosted by the public vote, expert review after the recognition, with high authority and credibility.


2016 real estate top 500 suppliers preferred supplier top ten list baked

March 22, by the China Real Estate Association, China Real Estate Evaluation Center co-sponsored the "2016 China Real Estate 500 test results and 500 summit" held in Beijing. In the stone supplier selection, the global stone to 16% of the brand preferred rate topped the list, stone "first shares" Miles to 13% of the brand preferred rate of second place, Nanan local brand Creek is 11% Preferred rate ranked third. (7%), tower stars (7%), Conley (5%), Fengshan (4%), East (4%), Guan Lu (2%), %) Ranked fourth to tenth.


Has drafted the development of "stone adhesive" Hunan Shenli company suspected of economic problems were investigated

According to the Xinhua News Network March 23 news, leading manufacturers of plastic industry in Hunan Shenli Jiao industry group was suspected of economic problems were investigated, the incident is under further investigation. Hunan God of plastic industry is a production of epoxy resin glue, Wan Nengjiao, building structure of plastic, stone and other adhesive-based adhesive enterprises, has been involved in the drafting of the development of "GB 24264-2009 decorative stone with adhesive" national standards in the stone Industry fame, the event also attracted widespread attention in the industry. Insiders revealed that as Hunan God of the plastic industry group chairman, Yuanmou and his family control of the private enterprises. Suspected of being registered in the shell company engaged in cheating loans, tax evasion, money laundering activities, illegal production of counterfeit products and other economic crimes.


Yunfu City Ornamental Stone Association was awarded the 3A level social organization

Recently, the reporter learned from the City Association of ornamental stone Association, after the social organization level assessment experts field visits and assessment work, the City Ornamental Stone Association was named "Yunfu City Social Organization assessment rating AAA" honorary title. It is understood that the level of social organization assessment is the social organization to undertake government functions to enhance social credibility of the important basis for the operation of social organizations, the healthy development of great significance. Through the assessment of summary of experience, enhance their ability. Social organizations with a rating of more than 3A may receive priority to government transfer, government purchases, and government funding.

Jin Kailai Hotel and Yunfu City stone industry strong combination, to create stone theme hotel

Recently, the reporter was informed that the city is located in Yunfu City, Xingyong East Road, the hotel is currently upgrading, is committed to one of the three culture Yunfu "stone culture" into the hotel service industry, creating stone theme hotel. It is reported that, at present, the hotel has introduced the stone giants world exhibition hall, forming a global stone material trading center, hotel rooms each room are equipped with exquisite and elegant stone products exhibition, full of rich stone theme hotel connotation. Hotel decoration will be the full use of stone, where there are mining or product advantages of stone enterprises can work with the Golden Gloria Hotel, you can use a stone decoration of a room, and in the room number before the company's name.

Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau sampling 9 batches of stone products failed

Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Yangjiang, Maoming, Zhaoqing, Jieyang, Yunfu and Shunde and other 11 cities (the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision official website recently announced the Guangdong Provincial Stone product quality special supervision and spot checks, Area) 252 production of stone products 283 batches. After testing, 9 batches of product failure, involving dry bending strength, water saturation bending strength, radioactive identification, water absorption and other projects. Unqualified product discovery rate of 3.2%.

9 batches of substandard products are:

Yun'an Yongqing Stone Factory

Jieyang Dongmei Stone Industry Co., Ltd

Yunfu City Yuncheng District Fuji Long Stone Factory artificial stone quartz stone

Yunfu City, the new Lai New Stone Development Co., Ltd. Porter beige

Yunfu City Hon Hai Investment Co., Ltd. artificial quartz stone

Discovery Stone (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Yuda Stone Co., Ltd

Yunfu City Yunan District Jiayi Stone Factory Guilin Red Class A

Yuncheng District Xinhe new stone factory India red class


Hubei Dashi on behalf of Stone City is intense construction, the end of the operation

In Hubei Mission County Economic Development Zone, plans to invest 3 billion yuan to build Hubei Dashi on behalf of Stone City is under construction, the first phase of the project put into operation at the end of the project. Hubei Dashi Stone City by the Wuhan Ya'an Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan Stone Association Hubei stone business together to build, planning covers an area of 3800 acres, planning construction area of 1.66 million square meters, the first phase of the development of 1,300 acres. According to the project owner Yuan Xiaohong introduction, Dashi on behalf of Stone City, the use of the most advanced technology and technology, so that zero pollution, zero emissions, and to achieve repeated recycling, built in central China will become the largest modern environmentally friendly stone professional market. It is understood that Tuan Fengxian Hubei Dashi on behalf of Stone City as a key project to support investment, providing a good investment environment and a series of preferential policies. At present, Wuhan City Real Estate Association, Wuhan City Decoration Association, Wuhan City Logistics Association and other units and the stone city reached a strategic cooperation.


Xinzheng City Environmental Protection Bureau leadership to the public together (Zhengzhou) International Stone Industry Park to guide environmental assessment acceptance work

March 22, 2016 at noon, Xinzheng City Environmental Protection Bureau Parker, EIAO Hu Kechang, Xue Dianzhen government director Liu Zhuren and other pedestrians came to Xue Dianzhen public stone industry park on the park environmental assessment acceptance work guidance, A pedestrian in the park Zongjing Ban Yang Tong and Long days of science and technology EIA company staff accompanied by the inspection of the park sewage sedimentation tank and municipal rain sewage dock docking a series of environmental protection supporting system.

Home improvement stone to go to the park to steal?

March 21, Henan Nanyang Xinye County People's Court concluded a crime of theft, the suspects and other three people because of theft of park stone, was sentenced to a fine of 2,000 yuan. It is reported that in May 2015, Cao, Fan Mou and Lee 3 people driving van to the new wild county White River Wetland Park, the new wild county municipal park placed in the park granite stone stolen 45, for Cao kitchen laying floor. Identified, the value of stolen goods 2,700 yuan. After the incident, Cao compensation for the new wild county municipal enterprises 2,700 yuan. Xinye County People's Court held that Cao and other three people for the purpose of illegal possession, theft of other people's property, its behavior has constituted theft. According to the relevant laws and regulations, then make the above decision.