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Share The Different Stone Sound Collection World Frontier Thinking
- Jun 08, 2017 -

As we all know, the development of stone industry is becoming increasingly serious, although there are some force majeure factors, but have to say that the majority of the use of stone products, the lack of innovation is also a major reason. So the design day invited from eight countries, designers and business leaders, respectively, "architectural and interior design in the stone" and "stone product design innovation," the two major topics delivered a speech, intended to bring together the world frontier thinking, share different the sound of.

Stone in architecture and interior design

Ms. Magda from Greece presented the scene to the designer of the Greek marble application. She thought that marble should not be used only in interior decoration and should do everything possible to design more conceptual products to reverse the majority of people impression.

Mr. Philippe, President of Thai Stone and Rose Company, advocates the perfect fusion of stone and architecture, eliminating the boundaries between architecture and nature. He calls it supernatural, and he thinks it will be a trend. In addition, he also believes that should be standing in two angles to look at the use of stone in the building, one from the user's point of view of the details of the stone in the building treatment, the other is the perspective of the architects show the nature of stone.

As the founder of the enterprise, he said that the stone in the future should have more easy to install the product, which in the convenience of consumers at the same time, but also allow more people because of the simplicity of the operation and select stone products, in this regard, their business To design a number of modular products, and has been in eBay, Amazon and other online platform sales.

And this view with many domestic entrepreneurs in recent years put forward the standardization of stone products coincide.

In addition, he also stood in the position of designers around the world called for the protection of intellectual property rights, he said that this is an industry problem, creative products are not protected in some way, also hindered the development of the stone industry.

Mr. Mauro, who grew up in northern Spain, advocated respect for the environment in which he was built. He was good at using local stones and working with local designers to consider the humanistic environment and natural environment where the building was located. He said that the stone can be skin, coat, inside, and excellent stone building should be worthy of heritage, hand to make the building more humane and expressive.

Mr. Gilles is a well-known designer from France, and he has a great deal of experience in building large blocks of stone, especially for the construction of the winery, which he says is like a toy. In his design, there is no chemical supplies, he tends to use the most natural and environmentally friendly materials and stone with, in his concept, the stone building is no conservation, and the Great Wall, pyramids and other ancient buildings, stone construction needs years traces Embellishment.

Stone product design innovation

Grassi Pietre Director of Design Design for Marble Design Studio Mr. Grassi has shared the unique design of their products for customers. Their design team is very good at designing furniture and garden products that meet the properties of the customers. In their concept, the stone design Works will make the building more vitality.

India Mr. Nikhil said that his company was co-founded by his wife and his company name is also his wife's name together. Their business brings together a large number of non-professional designers, they will India's local production of slate and sandstone used in a variety of murals and daily products which, by the simple designers according to the different characteristics of stone painting works, Quite rich in human breath.

Turkish Ms. Suzan practitioners for nearly a decade, she is committed to the quality of the source from the source, from the choice of raw materials to lead the trend of the product can be seen business intentions.

Chinese architects have raised the concept of cross-border in this speech.

She said that China's stone industry market is relatively late, but the Chinese nation's profound cultural heritage and huge market demand for the development of China's stone industry has more advantages. So she believes that the domestic designers in the design process in addition to thinking about what kind of products for Chinese people, but also can combine traditional Chinese culture, Western classical culture, modern industrial civilization to innovate, which will make works stand out.

In recent years, stone faces many endless challenges in building new materials. She believes that no matter how many new materials will be developed in the future, the stone by virtue of their natural and non-renewable, and the nature of the gods of the texture will always have to shake the status of rivers and lakes. Even if the stone is flawed, but if designed properly and used in the right place will become a bright spot.

At the same time she also said that some consumers face a lot of misunderstanding of stone products, they will think that natural stone can only be a luxury and thus discouraged, not knowing that some of the stone products as long as the standardization of quantitative production, in fact, compared to the price on the market many Building materials more advantages, so companies and designers should keep consumers smooth communication, and always grasp the psychology of consumers.