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Stone Industry Digest Inventory Becomes The Main Tone Of The Stone Industry In 2017
- Jun 08, 2017 -

As one of China's top five economic tasks, "to inventory" has become the main tone of China's stone industry in 2017. Insiders said that the stone economy in 2017 is still weak, only to digest the finished product or raw material inventory, enterprises can re-forward, stone economy can return to the growth of the track. In fact, as early as three years ago, there are many Nanan enterprises to start to inventory operations. Now, to inventory seems to have become the industry consensus.

In order to understand the specific inventory of Nanan Stone Industry, the reporter visited the Australian Sheng, the new Australian-Shun, Fujian, Xiashi boutique center, Hercynian stone city and other major head of the mainstream plate market.

Stone supermarket gave the "waste" second life

In the visit, the salesman told reporters to form a backlog or become the so-called "inventory", are generally more cracks, texture is relatively poor, the color is not very bright class C products, good products are not afraid of no sales.

Located in the new Oshun on the 2nd door of the Qi Yu Fang Huang Shicheng is responsible for that product level will affect the sales, but the product placement is also very important. He said, as long as the head of the coastal industrial area of several stone market to go again, you can see some clues: the location is relatively conspicuous, stop the large trucks are also more; relatively concealed position, a large truck on the very few.

But after interviewing a number of stone people, the reporter found that more people think that the main reason leading to inventory is uneven stone quality.

An unnamed clerk said that the uneven quality of stone is a normal phenomenon, but some bosses hope that some of the board can not be caught in a good board, as a good board to sell together. This profit is a little better, but not a long time.

"A business if the three months of sales is not good, it will form a stock." Huang said the stone is easy to be oxidized products, once the blocks were cut into pieces, did not get the appropriate protection, two or three months later, the plate color Will be old. In this way, you can not sell a good price, it is easy to become inventory.

In the stone business, the earlier proposed to go to the stock is rock shares. 3 years ago, the river stone to realize that the stock may bring a burden to the enterprise, then open to the inventory model. When the inventory reaches the required amount, the stone will be grading of the plate, in addition to part of the product design to use, most of the low-cost promotions.

At that time, on the C-class products for low-cost business is not much, the river has a natural "big profit."

Later, the main project of stone enterprises are also from time to time inventory dumping. Huaxian Stone Industry Deputy General Manager Pan Xiaomao said that different projects on the stone quality requirements are different, high-end engineering natural requirements are all A-class stone, and ordinary engineering, B-class stone can also be used, C-class and the following products are often Will be abandoned by the project. But even if it can not be used for the project, does not mean that he can not use.

"Pattern chaos, cracks and more, you can cut a small piece, or used in some inconspicuous place." Pan Xiaomao said, in terms of inventory, Hua Hui has a mature idea, in addition to domestic sales, but also from time to time on the backlog of some Small inventory for low-cost processing. Thus, they do not have the pressure to accumulate in stock.

By 2016, the inventory evolved into an industry-oriented "revolution." 59 stone supermarket, 99 stone supermarket, 98 stone supermarkets, such as marked price tag for the stone supermarket swept the stone industry.

59 stone supermarket corner

"If the accumulation of idle stone if not recycled, may always be placed in the warehouse, no one is interested, but also to the enterprise caused by storage pressure.As long as we unified recycling, and these products are re-classification, re-processing, these products will Can 'back to life', once again open the market. "98 stone supermarket shop owner Xie Zhiren out of his" supermarket "business.

But from the current point of view, stone supermarket to this way to inventory, but also in the hands of stone business "cycle", has not really become a widely used consumer goods. In any case, these few to inventory-based stone supermarket, for the abandoned blocks of glow "second life" to find a viable way. Insiders pointed out that the stone supermarket to break the stone industry price opaque traditional business model, its small and light precision positioning mode or can change the stone retail industry format, bring unprecedented changes in the market.

"Limit mining control" to control the total amount of stone mining indicators

Talk about to inventory, a lot of stone business person called for example: to inventory as the body metabolism, can not drag, can not wait, only in a timely manner so-called "waste" (C products) to clean up in order to ensure fresh The normal operation of the blood. But how to control the amount of mining from the source, but also become a Nanan stone enterprises have to think about the problem.

In the recently held "supply side of the China Stone Industry Internet (Xiamen) Summit Forum", the China Decoration Association Stone Branch Secretary-General peak to provide such a set of data: 2015, the use of stone in the building decoration industry is only 14.2 billion Square meters, down 0.2% year on year. This data shows that the use of domestic stone atrophy, but also to remind the majority of stone suppliers do not blindly expand.

There are stone people pointed out that the premise of the expansion is a steady stream of supply. If you can control the source, control the total amount of production, the stone industry's production capacity can be effectively controlled, the inventory will naturally shrink.

"The annual mining of each of our breeds starts with the life cycle of the predicted mine, and is passed by a large number of market surveys and data analyzes, rather than how much we have to collect." Huang said that only the combination of market demand for mining, in order to reduce inventory.

In addition, stone mining related departments will also guide the mining. Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce Committee Secretary Zhuang Xixing told reporters that the mine committee is in line with the relevant government departments, to introduce a number of mining regulations to limit the amount of mining mining, to ensure that products are not excessive circulation.

At the second session of the Stone Mining Union Conference, the participants also reached a consensus: stone mining industry should form a solid community, take the initiative with the government, banks, investment companies, designers, decoration enterprises and other industry exchanges and cooperation to innovation , Open field of vision to develop industry development space, build a good industry ecology, launched a stone industry, "supply side reform."

Li Hanjun, general manager of Jinhan Stone Co., Ltd., mining enterprises in addition to the amount of mining, the more should seek more partners, broaden sales. "Jinhan Stone's own beige board 'chanel gold' mine, the monthly limit of about 3,000 tons of mining, just to meet market demand." Li Haijun said that the cooperation between Chennai Jin and a variety of ways, a large board wholesale, There are projects, such cooperation on the mining varieties, is undoubtedly a very good promotion.

Coincidentally, billion Shida Mining also opened a multi-mode of cooperation, to increase the sales of mining varieties. Billion Shida Mining Chairman Li Cheng specifically introduced, the current billion stone not only with the Internet home improvement company 1 best cooperation, but also with some domestic and foreign suppliers.

"Sell design" to promote the industry quickly to inventory

There are stone people said that if only to limit the exploitation, palliative. To the fastest to inventory, open the terminal is the key.

Speaking through the terminal channel to inventory, its model was undoubtedly the 2016 years of the new composite board stone dark horse - Lorraine marble. As Tianyi Stone Co., Ltd.'s stone brick brand, Lorraine was founded in 2015, from planning to run, before and after less than a year. Its variety of products has become a best-selling products, and successfully opened up 10 dealers.

Tianyi Stone has its own Magnolia Mine, the industry recognized as the country's largest supplier of magnolia. And its early also to large white plate-based wholesale, in the block cutting, but also formed a lot of defective and scrap.

Lolan marble general manager Zhang Caiming said, it is undeniable that as a direct supplier of mines, the early days of the same need to do "buy a board to send poor plate" heart business. And now not only do not have to send board, but not cheap inventory.

"Magnolia has been known for elegance, but its top grade is only a small number of people can afford." Zhang Cai Ming said that now they have to do is to pull the magnolia magnificent palace, to the lower class.

In Zhang Caiming view, to the inventory is not how hard one thing. In his view, the inventory is divided into two kinds, one is the safety of inventory, that is, to ensure a stable production of a major product in the season and deliberately retained; the other is the natural stock, that is, mining, the inevitable bad board and The production of scrap.

Ground parquet design

"The first kind of inventory, naturally do not have to worry about; the second inventory, now do not have to worry." Zhang Cai Ming said that before the customers are what to produce what is very passive. Now, Lorraine marble through the independent parquet, cube, the backdrop, the design to go out. Change the inventory as "selling design". Their parquet can even use the minimum thickness of 5 mm stone, which means that more than 5 mm stone can be reused.

In addition to Lorraine Marble, Milose Seiko Marble, Cassino, Huaping Stone Brick, Mercure Stone Brick, and the "Blueberry Times" launched in 2015 are trying to change the inventory as "selling design".

Grand Mercure stone brick general manager Huang Jiaxin said he hoped that through the design, change people on the quality of the stone judge the standard. And through the agent channel, so that thousands of households can enjoy the beauty of stone. "Blueberry stone generation mainly for 80, 90 after the young people, the price choice is more, there are higher prices, but also for mid-range consumption, such as 100 square meters of the house, living room, toilet, platen and TV wall marble Package, a single five or six million. "New Dongyuan Stone Industry Chairman Yang Jiaqiang said.