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Stone Companies Focus On Technological Innovation
- Jun 08, 2017 -

For Nanan stone enterprises, the "new" is not limited to the technical innovation, but also products, markets and many other areas, and its purpose is to help enterprises to further develop.

From the technology, market, products, etc., Nanan stone industry is opening a comprehensive innovation tour. The promotion of these initiatives, in addition to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and product premium capacity, but also to help the stone industry in the "pan-home" industry alliance play an active role in extending the space with other industries.

2 stone enterprises won the Technology Innovation Award

On the afternoon of March 5, at the fourth meeting of the China Stone Association, Edgestone Co., Ltd. and Quanzhou Zhongguang Stone Co., Ltd. won the winners of the "Aidi Cup" Stone Industry Technology Innovation Award in 2015 This award. The selection activities aimed at promoting the stone industry, technological innovation, improve the level of stone processing technology and production efficiency, and promote the industry growth model from extensive to intensive.

Previously, Quanzhou in the light Stone Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Nan said in an interview: "In fact, access to this award is not too much of my surprise, because the stone industry is also a stone we use a large board image acquisition system. It is understood that the light stone has been committed to the development of more high-tech systems, to accelerate the stone industry automation and standardization.

And by the Global Stone (Fujian) Co., Ltd. declared profiled stone grinding wheel CNC molding grinding equipment, has been able to award, mainly the grinding equipment, can improve the production of special-shaped stone and processing accuracy. "High-grade decoration of stone products on the shape and size of the increasingly high degree of accuracy, therefore, need some CNC and automation equipment into the stone processing industry. Grinding is the stone processing to ensure product shape and dimensional accuracy of the main factors, but also control the processing efficiency Of the key process.Therefore, the industry is an urgent need for such a high-precision grinding equipment can be achieved. "China Stone Association Deputy Secretary-General Deng Huiqing said.

Multi-angle exploration of new areas

For Nanan stone enterprises, the "new" is not limited to the technical innovation, but also products, markets and many other areas, and its purpose is to help enterprises to further develop.

March 8, Yingliang Group invited the North American Marble Association MIA expert mission to the Group No. 5 warehouse inspection. It is understood that the North American Marble Association has a long history, its predecessor can be traced back to the establishment of the Marble dealer in 1907 guild. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company is based on the natural stone production process, providing the right authority for natural manufacturers information. At present, its members have more than 1,500, including natural stone producers, import and export enterprises, distributors, contractors, processing enterprises, installation works and suppliers, are high standards of industry elite. The delegation said that he hoped to establish friendly cooperative relations with Yingliang Group, mutual benefit and seek common development.

Yingliang Group Chairman Liu Liang said, "This time, the United States Marble Association MIA expert delegation visit, representing the international recognition and affirmation of Yingliang Group, and Yingliang Group will take this opportunity to speed up 'going out 'The pace of the expansion of the US market, to meet the stone industry' warm spring '. The future, we will increase cooperation with foreign countries, in product research and development will learn from foreign technology and ideas.

Lingyun jade is to continue to force the advantages of jade, the natural jade combined into the application of space decoration. Recently participated in the Xiamen stone exhibition, Lingyun jade exhibition area to show the jade with gold foil, wood and shaped materials combined with the design. Lingyun jade chairman Gan Chuanhui said: "Lingyun more focused on the overall space based on jade design, open up the end of the customer base channel." 澔 Bo stone industry in an interview with reporters also said: "Art and other elements for the stone to give more The value of the company, so the company is now very focused on the integration of artistic elements into stone products, in order to enhance the product 's premium capacity.

Extend the industry cooperation space

Stone industry of these attempts, in addition to nurturing their own and the development of the industry, for Nanan in recent years, "Pan home" industry alliance is also a promotion.

It is reported that the "pan-home" industry alliance is the core of the assembly of Nanan local plumbing kitchen and toilet, stone ceramics, hardware security and furniture industry advantages, unite the country and even the global business forces in Nanan to cross-border cooperation, Of the marketing channels, together to create a regional brand, to solve the consumer one-stop home decoration consumer demand. In particular, Nanan's stone industry in the "Internet" has been a clear initiative in the field. In addition to last year on the line of stone e-commerce center platform so that a comprehensive, closely linked with the industry power business platform, many stone companies also try to establish a network platform, introduced in line with the characteristics of the stone industry O2O business model.

Today, the stone through technological innovation to enhance the processing capacity of products, docking home improvement field to expand the market, while the use of "Internet" thinking initiatives are on the stone industry into the "pan-home" industry alliance play a positive role, but also extends the stone Industry and home improvement industries such as space.

However, there are also industry people in the affirmative of these results at the same time put forward their own recommendations. "For the stone industry, with high quality stone mining resources is the fundamental survival of enterprises.Enterprises in the extension of other areas at the same time, should also continue to maintain the resources in the resources of the stone industry, Aspects of the input. "