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11 Recommendations Indicate The Future Of China's Stone Industry
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Facing the situation "thirteen five" is an important turning point in China's social and economic development, the national economy from high-speed development to high-speed new normal development. On the one hand, the state will intensify efforts to promote the development of strategic emerging industries, on the other hand, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. For the raw material industry, change the mode of development, to resolve excess capacity, optimize the industrial structure, innovative business model, transformation, upgrading, quality, efficiency will become the main task. Stone as a traditional resource-based raw materials industry, the same face a grim situation.

First, how to grasp the growth of demand, the demand for structural changes in the market trend.

First of all, the driving force of stone consumption changes. Over the past 10 years, China's GDP to maintain high speed, real estate, infrastructure, construction and urbanization process and so maintain high speed, while the international trade volume of stone, trade volume maintained an average annual rate of 13%, 14% growth. Corresponding to the corresponding stone production to an average annual rate of 23% growth. The reason is mainly driven by the growth of domestic and international market demand. Since 2015, the downward pressure on economic growth is increasing, and the demand for stone market declines. Thirteen, the national economy remained at around 7% growth, the construction industry, real estate industry growth slowed down or even decline, stone demand will face the challenge, to increase the main features of the industry development will end, more will Performance in the quality of upgrading, consumption structure upgrades and new consumer areas on the expansion.

Second, to meet the manufacturing trend of 2025.

State announced the "manufacturing 2025" for the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry pointed out the direction. The first is the requirements for industry innovation, including product innovation and integrated innovation. Stone personalized strong, product design has been China's stone products and Italy, Spain and other powers where the gap lies. The main reason is that the concept of enterprise development is not in place, imitation, plagiarism, homogenization of development accounted for the majority of independent innovation is not strong. Second, the strength of enterprises is limited, no research and development capabilities. The third intellectual property protection is not enough, the industrialization of scientific research has been affected. In addition, the application of decoration products depends not only on the product itself, more importantly, the product integration after the formation of the spatial effect, which requires the overall solution design capabilities. From the current stone industry point of view, a large number of enterprises in the industrial value chain division of labor, only in the production and processing stage. A large number of products for the stone plate, is an intermediate product, the final application but also decorative engineering company for secondary processing. Second, strengthen the integration of two, to promote intelligent manufacturing. Stone industry is currently only reached the mechanization, automation, intelligence, network level gap between the larger. Flexible manufacturing, demand-oriented is the future development trend of stone industry.

The third is the network technology, digital technology in the industry to promote the application.

The establishment of digital mining, digital factories, to speed up the human-computer intelligent interaction, industrial robots, intelligent logistics management technology and equipment in the production process, to promote the manufacturing process simulation optimization, digital control, real-time monitoring of state information and adaptive control. Speed up the product lifecycle management, customer relationship management, supply chain management system to promote the use of the Group to promote control, design and manufacturing, production and marketing integration, business and financial convergence and other key aspects of integration, to achieve intelligent control. This is the new era of stone industry transformation and upgrading of one of the important signs. The shift from product manufacturing to the provision of products and services is an extension of the industrial value chain, which is the inevitable result of consumer upgrades. Stone products, its design, transportation, installation, maintenance have a higher professional requirements. Establish a sound service system, one-stop service, is the future trend of consumption. Development of industrial cloud services and industrial data platform such as the Internet personalized customization, crowdsourcing design, cloud manufacturing and other new manufacturing model, the establishment of complementary advantages, win-win cooperation of the open industrial ecosystem, is an important part of the upgrading of manufacturing.

Fourth, to meet the green development, can support the development of new requirements. Stone is a resource-dependent, eco-sensitive industries.

With the strengthening of ecological protection in our country, the demand for resource conservation and protection has been improved, and the green development of stone industry has become the only way for industrial development. In recent years, the development of stone by the region by the forest protection, natural landscape protection, ecological function, soil erosion control and tourism facilities more and more prominent. Future requirements are getting higher and higher.

Fifth, we must realize the new goal of people-oriented, industrial new town, industry integration and association development.

Around the development of stone industry cluster is no longer a single stone industry development as the goal, the development of stone industry to be combined with the new four, the new urbanization, poverty alleviation, personnel employment, the integration of related industries and other requirements, the establishment of industrial new city, The new goal of industrial cluster development. The development of ideas to industrial clusters and industrial clusters to upgrade the theory as a guide, in-depth research and regional characteristics and different stages of development, according to local conditions, re-positioning. It is based on the optimization of industrial cluster system and the upgrading of industrial value chain, focusing on the cultivation of innovation mechanism, the cultivation of large enterprises, the innovation of business model and the introduction of talents, the establishment of professional cooperation mechanism system, the internal and external network relations and industrial clusters Good industry atmosphere to cultivate as a support to eco-environmental protection and sustainable development as the bottom line, to build a modern green stone industry cluster.

Six is to do planning, strengthen the top design.

To promote the stone industry cluster upgrade is a complex system engineering. Regional conditions vary widely, the local requirements for industrial development are also different, the need to fully study the internal external conditions, the development of scientific and rational positioning, goals, priorities. The time of formation of industrial clusters is different, the development stage is different, the difference of perfect and mature degree needs to be re-planned with the times, and the internal structure optimization and strategic adjustment are carried out immediately. The formation of new industrial clusters, limited understanding of the industry, the development of imitation, follow the trend and even blindness, from the strategic height of the top design is essential to the program. Industrial cluster planning or top-level design, the use of system theory, a global perspective, the stone industry cluster in all aspects, levels, all elements of the overall consideration, coordination of various relationships, determine the target, select the specific path to achieve the goal, To develop the correct strategy and tactics, and timely adjustment, to avoid the risk may lead to failure, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Simply put is the industrial cluster of macro strategic design and tactical design, that is, planning to achieve the forward-looking, applicability and operational requirements. Industrial cluster planning or top-level design should be studied from three dimensions. Strategic orientation dimension: focus on the type of industrial clusters, functional positioning, development model selection. Industry design dimension: focus on the study of industrial sector division, the leading industry to determine the industrial layout, industrial chain construction, industrial value chain reconstruction, industrial integration development. Operational management dimension: focus on business model design, spatial timing, regional brand building, eco-friendly, energy-saving, interactive relationship with the surrounding residents, industrial clusters and industrial clusters within the collaboration mechanism.

Seven is to speed up the stone culture as the connotation to creative design as the core of technological innovation.

Improve the national manufacturing innovation capacity is "Made in China 2025" put forward nine strategic tasks and focus, public entrepreneurship, innovation is China's new normal economic development under the new impetus. Stone industry innovation and development is one of the important tasks of the new era. The main contents include accelerating the technological transformation of enterprises in the existing industrial clusters, optimizing the production technology, adopting advanced equipment, eliminating inefficient and backward equipment, bringing the overall level of the internal enterprises to a new level; encouraging and supporting the new production of stone, new technology, New equipment research and development and promotion; vigorously promote product innovation. Stone products and Habitat culture, architectural culture, religious culture, etc. are closely linked, its profound cultural heritage, at the same time, stone and has a natural texture and arts and crafts, patterns, product development, creative space is huge. In the new situation of weak demand growth and consumption, the creative design of products is the most effective means to improve the market competitiveness. Enhance the innovation capability of industrial clusters, one is to rely on cluster conditions, to create a platform for industrial innovation, industrial innovation to provide material space, policy, institutional environment.

Eight is to encourage enterprises to establish design R & D center, the introduction and technical support technology intermediary services, the establishment of technological innovation alliance.

Speed up the training of qualified personnel, the introduction of senior technical personnel. In the large industrial clusters, or a number of industrial clusters within the region to establish a stone vocational education and training institutions, institutions of higher learning, the development of innovative design education, the establishment of industrial design awards, to stimulate the whole society innovative design initiative and initiative. Fourth, to seize the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" new opportunities, introduced to promote the innovation of stone policy measures, including venture capital, innovation and investment loans, equity and other financing methods to create entrepreneurial innovation and convenient conditions, government decentralization and optimization Services for the enterprise to create a good environment for innovation.

Nine is to optimize the industrial structure to promote the cluster upgrade.

Industrial cluster structure optimization includes enterprise organizational structure, product structure and industrial chain structure optimization. China's stone industry cluster development more than 30 years, more scale, on the grade is Fujian Nanan, Guangdong Yunfu and Shandong Laizhou. In the three major industrial clusters, in recent years there have been a number of large-scale backbone enterprises, the vast majority of producing areas are similar to the size of small and medium enterprises. Cultivate and support large leading enterprises, is the key task of structural adjustment. According to the theory of industrial cluster, China's stone industry cluster basically belong to the Marshall type, to support large-scale core enterprises, to the transformation of wheel-type industrial clusters is the industrial cluster structure optimization direction. The future of stone product structure innovation, focusing on the development of stone deep processing of products, that is, industrial design, creative design as the support, the development of architectural decoration with parquet, composite, mosaic, profiled products, lines, stone carving and other products, and ultimately to the building Decorated to provide the overall solution for architectural decoration parts. The adjustment of industrial structure should also include the optimization of the enterprise structure around the whole industry chain, the coordination of the upstream and downstream enterprises, the coordination of the leading enterprises and the supporting enterprises, the coordination between the production enterprises and the industrial service enterprises. Through the structural optimization and adjustment, to build the stone industry cluster ecosystem. At the same time, to speed up the reform of the mechanism of cooperation between enterprises, the establishment of industrial cooperation, but also to establish the relationship between the trust within the cluster to create industrial clusters of industrial culture.

Ten is to promote the stone industry "Internet".

"Thirteen five" stone industry to upgrade the biggest bright spot is the information technology, Internet technology in the industrial cluster to promote the application. First, to speed up the integration of the two stone industry, to achieve intelligent manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, to meet the personalized, customized and other escalating consumer demand. The second is to promote the mining of stone mining, product processing, digital, service network, commodity trading network, the introduction of "Internet" new ideas, new technologies, change and even subvert the traditional production and marketing of stone mode, creating incalculable development space.

Eleven is to promote green development, establish regional brands.

The green development of the stone industry is mainly reflected in the mining and resource conservation and protection, the ecological destruction and restoration, the recovery rate of exploitation and the level of comprehensive utilization of resources, the restoration of geological disasters and closed pit mine management, the mine safety production and processing enterprises , Environmental pollution, the impact on the surrounding residents and social responsibility and so on. In recent years, stone industry cluster throughout the country continue to increase governance, and achieved certain results, but the task is still arduous. To achieve green development and create an environment - friendly cluster, we should make a breakthrough in the following areas. First, the mine, processing plant formal design, not only the use of advanced production technology, but also to have the application of environmental protection programs, strengthen the source control, active control. Second, to solve technical support issues. Promote the use of noise reduction, dust, wastewater treatment of new technologies, research and development of comprehensive utilization of waste technology and products, the development of circular economy. Third, the development of support policies to support the construction of waste-taking enterprises to support government investment projects green procurement, increase the waste products in the building materials, municipal, tourism and other aspects of use. Support the integration of the industry, promote the stone industry and building materials, road construction works, guide the use of stone waste instead of natural sand mining, municipal roads used in cement and other high energy consumption products. Fourth, in the cluster to carry out clean production standards, the national green mine standards construction activities. Fifth, the establishment of industry access system, the low level of technology, pollution of the environment, destruction of ecological enterprises within a time limit remediation and elimination. Six is to strengthen the industry management, improve integrity and standardize the level of business, training cluster industry culture, and thus establish the brand of producing areas.