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Ancient Stone Carving Art Exhibition Of Silk Road Shenzhou
- May 04, 2017 -

April 25, 2017, by the China International Economic Cooperation Council Business Economic Work Committee, China Stone Carving Art Development Research Institute hosted the "Shi Yun Qinghua - Silk Road Shenzhou ancient stone carving art exhibition and the first ancient Chinese stone art International Forum "Held in the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum and the Guangdong Hall. Activities brought together the different regions of the ancient Chinese stone carving art boutique, through the forum and exhibition and other forms to the community to carry forward and heritage of traditional culture, universal stone art knowledge, exchange of stone culture and art development.

Chinese civilization, a long history, the stone formed an important part of this brilliant civilization. Stone, not words, but it has a strong vitality. Its vitality, from the human life of the historical development process. It is countless stone craftsmen of the hard work and wisdom, to create a handed down now stone carving works of art, recorded in the human once had a brilliant civilization. In the Chinese land, countless stone carvings contains a very rich Chinese stone civilization.

Stone carving art records the wisdom of ancient ancestors, hidden ancient and modern times of the mark. Unique artistic style and strong oriental charm, cast a historical epitome of the Chinese civilization. At the beginning of 2017, the state issued relevant guidance on "carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture". To further promote the East-West civilization and cultural exchanges, cultural interconnection, cultural integration, cultural prosperity and common development. And comprehensively promote the implementation of the "all the way" cultural overall strategy, to create a new era of "Shi Mingjian" fate of the community.

Ancient stone has been continuously found, if not timely collection, recording, protection, research, then with the changing times, they inevitably annihilated in the long river of history, become the loss of Chinese civilization inheritance. The activities of the exhibition in the heritage and the development of ancient stone art of the purpose, so that the stone of this Chinese civilization to reproduce the light of the beads.

The exhibition shows the stone carvings, which involves a wide range of types, including garden stone carvings, architectural components, mausoleum stone and religious stone four categories, which featured a summary of all aspects of Chinese stone. These stone carvings, different north and south, different shapes, different volume, its carrying of cultural information and highlight the artistic charm also has its own merits. This is an unprecedented exhibition of stone carvings throughout the country, and has been the national art scholars, artists recognized and strongly supported, proved the collection of exhibits in the artistic level of credibility.

It is reported that April 25 to May 15 period, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Art Hall A, Hall B will be free to the masses free of charge. Organizers hope that through this exhibition, so that more people understand the ancient Chinese stone art, to understand the Chinese nation's splendid traditional culture, so that these ancient stone art flowers in today again bloom!