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Change In 2016 Stone Industry In The Change In The Development
- Jun 07, 2017 -

2017, the stone industry "change" can be used to summarize the seven key words. Stone is indispensable interior decoration materials, stone industry is also a mature industry. But with the diversification of market competition, competition within the industry has become increasingly motivated. A few years ago the trend of China's stone industry has begun to change, 2017 will accelerate the pace. If part of the industry has the traditional advantages of enterprises in 2016 is still waiting to see, and even resist the Internet, mobile Internet, electricity business to the enterprise to bring untold touch, then 2017 will be the majority of stone companies began to carry out Internet strategy The first year of the layout.

2017, the stone industry "change" can be used to summarize the seven key words.

First, the Internet to explore: Today, Internet thinking has long been a consensus, more and more industries into the Internet thinking. Stone industry is also actively into the Internet. O2O, OTO sales model is based on the network platform and large data integration, stone industry into the electricity business, it will inevitably bring sales channel changes, changes in sales model and profit model changes.

Second, the new generation of consumers: into 2010, 80, 90 after a number of new consumer ideas and consumer values of the group has gradually become the mainstream market, their concept of life, personalized ideas, unique way of consumers, Pushing the stone industry changes. Stone is not only used in interior decoration, some stone carving of creative products, more and more people sought after. Stone crafts unique ideas will lead a new consumption model.

Third, the channel changes: Stone industry actively into the Internet, its sales model will inevitably change. At present, the stone industry hopes to establish a complete industrial chain, many places to build industrial clusters of industrial parks, the traditional sales channels have been reformed.

Fourth, the promotion of sports and normalization: Stone home development today, has been lost by the real estate industry with a good time to run forward, and in the competition into the "bayonet" when the promotion of the inevitable means to promote the business.

Fifth, the brand remodeling: changes in consumer groups will inevitably lead to changes in brand remodeling, how to deal with a new generation of consumer groups, research new consumer groups, they love to listen to, so they like to participate in the dissemination of content to become a stone home can not be avoided Topic.

Sixth, the market structure changes: 2016 stone home market overall slowdown for many companies by surprise, due to the slow development of the real estate market, resulting in a new home decoration market in the 123 cities were shrinking, the market focus on urbanization In the four or five six markets.

7, industry consolidation: 2016, the stone industry's leading brands and the top five brands have been a good growth, opened the follow-up brand distance, is expected in 2017, the industry will further strengthen the integration of integration, integration has been avoid.

The face of the Internet trend of the strong impact of the store, the store closed the news of the closure, we are thinking about whether or not to change! The times are changing, society is changing, business model is changing, all things are changing, then you are ready Is it necessary?