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Fujian Nanan 18 Stone Processing Practitioners Get Assistant Engineer Qualifications
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Recently, Nanan City to carry out the first phase of non-stone processing engineering and other series of junior titles review, more than 20 enterprises, 106 non-public technical staff to declare non-public stone processing engineering, engineering, economic management and other three series of junior titles review Get assistant engineer, assistant economist related professional titles. Among them, 18 stone processing engineering professional and technical personnel to obtain assistant engineers (junior titles) qualifications.

In recent years, Nanan City, around the construction of hundreds of billions of stone industry cluster, on the one hand the introduction of "Quanzhou non-public economic organizations, stone processing engineering professional and technical positions qualification assessment work implementation opinions" and other relevant policies, the first and put forward stone processing engineering, Experience, technological innovation, application of the results and contribution to the economic and social development as the core of the evaluation mechanism; the other hand, actively build enterprise personnel training platform, the use of stone Expo, job fairs, visits to businesses and WeChat, website and other channels, Gong stone processing title assessment policy, the formation of stone processing engineering expert judges library 28.

At present, Nanan City has set up non-public economic organization engineering technology, economic management series of professional and technical junior job qualification assessment committee, has held "to send the assessment into the base into the enterprise" activities 48, a total of more than 3,700 private enterprise specialists Won the junior title, a strong impetus to the city's city linkage talent to enhance the quality.