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Garden Pavilion
- Jan 20, 2017 -
Garden pavilion, the key in position.As mentioned, pavilion is a garden“Dot eyeball”Thing in the world, so much in the line of sight.Such as master of the nets garden in suzhou, from shoot YaLang into the garden and pool is“To the wind to the pavilion”And form composition center.And as in the humble administrator's garden pond“Dutch wind pavilion all around”Open, surrounded by water, in the form of visual focus, plus two sides of winding, with prominent image nature.The image of the pavilion, of course, also be afford such treatment;If the image of the pavilion into the eye hard, this is called“unpleasantness”.And as the surging wave pavilion, located in the rockery, forming dominated the center of, make“Surging waves pavilion”(YuanMing)Worthy of the name;ShuXiaoTing in the peony pavilion in the humble administrator's garden, lingering garden, Shanghai yuyuan garden in the photographs resort, etc., is built in the high place, the background for the sky, showing image and contour line is complete, have significant sex.