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Granite Lustre Red Producers - County
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Luster county is located in fujian province in the northwest, minjiang FuTunXi upstream, the northern section of the wuyi mountains, with "a puddle in a zhangs, luster in tianshan".Lustre county is redgraniteProducers.Gloss county ofmetalMinerals renowned at home and abroad, mainlygranite, fluorite ore, lead-zinc mine, Fu stone, kfeldspar, kaolin, etc., especially in granite reserves, for the most, quality excellent, the city geological reserves of 207 million cubic meters, including graniteStone slabThere are three provincial fine-quality, 2 combined brand products.With graniteplankProcessing of mineral products sold at home and abroad, selected as the Shanghai subway, Shanghai Oriental pearl tower, pudong airport higher building decoration materials, etc.

Shiny red named after burnish county, mainly produce of granite is gloss countystoneProducts.Shiny red granitestoneColor beautiful, colour and lustre appearance can keep more than one hundred, with its high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, have adornment sex is strong.Mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, etc.