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How Far Is It For Stone Machinery To Reach Intelligently Manufacture
- Aug 31, 2017 -

In the increasingly fierce competition, production and processing needs continue to improve under the situation, how to break the stone machinery enterprises in order to better catch the "smart manufacturing" train?

The concept of "Made in China 2025" in December 2014 has been proposed for the first time in nearly three years, not yet one-third of the first decade of the Chinese government's strategy of "making power". However, with the introduction of "Made in China 2025", "smart manufacturing" four words increasingly become the future development of the manufacturing industry, a major trend and the core content of China's manufacturing industry formally embarked on the intelligent manufacturing as an important direction of development transformation and upgrading road. Many industries with its outlet, take advantage of, and began a relentless exploration of this area.

China Stone Machinery as an important part of the manufacturing sector, but also in this trip to the "smart manufacturing" of the train, overcoming all obstacles, Mao strike forward.

After years of development, "Made in China" has long been world-renowned, more than 220 kinds of industrial production ranks first in the world. But "Made in China" impressive performance can not conceal the hidden behind the product quality hidden dangers, which, stone machinery industry is also difficult to avoid. "Big but not strong", many people talk about the Chinese stone machinery industry, when the four words "go hand in hand", which almost became the stone machinery industry label. Over-reliance on the growth of physical production, long-term rely on the introduction of technology, independent innovation experience and talent cultivation seriously lagging behind ... ... inertia growth under the long-term accumulation of weaknesses, with the gradual transformation and upgrading of stone industry structure is gradually enlarged.

Complex market demand for quality and low price of stone machinery products to provide a survival "hotbed". Stone machinery and equipment used in the stone business, in the past for a long time, most of the stone processing is not standardized in the order received soft market environment, buy a few low-cost machines began to dry up , Several machines are not idle day, a steady stream of manufacturing products. Run too much to report the situation, continue to buy equipment, but also some vibrant scene.

This "hasty" consumer behavior to a certain extent, to the stone machinery enterprises to indulge the reasons. So the cycle, it became a bureau.

1, the international stone machinery brand layout of the Chinese market

Stone machinery industry "bureau", is also the past Perrin has not set up offices in the country or one of the reasons.

"Gabriel in India, Brazil, Dubai and other countries around the world have set up offices and agents, but China is an exception." In the Italian stone equipment company Gabriel China agent Wang Minhai view, China's market demand capacity is indeed huge , But in the past the majority of domestic stone machinery prices, quality is not guaranteed, short life, the overall value is low, the price of foreign stone machinery products in China do not have any advantage, can not digest such a huge demand for volume.

However, this year Gabriel will break this layout. According to Wang Minhai said this year, Perrin is expected to layout the market in China, which is this year, Italy Perrida company an important strategy.

In fact, Pelleton years ago has been involved in the Chinese market, high, global and other stone enterprises from the early have been using Paragon's artificial stone production line and marble mill. In October 2013, Universal Stone and Gabriel formally signed a production line to introduce the agreement, it marks the world-class advanced CEMSTONE artificial stone production line officially entered the Chinese market. "Perrin selected this opportunity to set up offices in China, not because of China's machinery manufacturing capacity is insufficient, on the contrary, China has a strong manufacturing capacity.With the changes in the domestic market environment in recent years, China's stone enterprises in the transformation and upgrading of the urgent needs Under the consumption of rational, began to do long-term planning. With the release of policy dividends, many foreign companies are entering China, into the domestic market. "Wang Minhai said. At the same time, he also hopes to work together to seek the production of stone industry for the characteristics of stone machinery and equipment of the road, leading the healthy development of China's stone machinery to better serve the Chinese stone industry.

Coincidentally, with "the world's first bridge cut," said the Italian well-known brand GMM from 2014 to open China's market layout of the road to the head as the center, the radiation of the country.

"We chose to set up an office in the head, in order to better serve China's stone enterprises, and the team is also expanding, sales and service must be closely followed." China office sales representative Gao Shan Mei said. Compared to three years ago in the head of the solitary fighting, and now Gao Shan sister has set up a small team around to a new attitude to the market.

2, stone production and processing enterprises demand diversification

International stone machinery brand to speed up the layout of the Chinese market, on the one hand the domestic stone machinery enterprises put forward greater challenges, on the other hand also passed out such information: China's stone enterprises on high-quality mechanical products are being raised The

Gao Shanmei from the inter-bank transfer to become a member of GMM in China only three years. In the deep understanding of stone processing equipment and stone machinery market environment in the process, the entire stone machinery industry changes are particularly strong - stone enterprises are bid farewell to the barbaric growth, long-term vision of the enterprise is no longer simply to buy the price of stone Equipment basis, but from the machine's cost-effective. Enterprises in the pursuit of high-quality products at the same time, whether the equipment can save labor costs, energy consumption, improve efficiency, whether the application of its products have their own considerations.

As Gao Shanmei perceives, the fortification of stone machinery is developing towards art, high quality and diversification. The market demand for stone shape, type, precision and product size is becoming more and more demanding, Thus the stone machinery to create the level and product type and performance of the increasingly high demand. Whether it is to face the international market or the domestic market, to improve the level of stone machinery products and the core competitiveness of all stone machinery enterprises in China need to solve the problem, but also an important task for the development of stone machinery.

When the stone production and processing enterprises began to slow down to think and improve the upgrade time, but also the stone machinery industry to find a breakthrough in the perfect time. With the stone production and processing enterprises of stone machinery and equipment automation, intelligent and environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, stone machinery manufacturers have to find ways to reduce the labor intensity, improve the level of automation and reduce the production of environmental pollution efforts. Gao Shanmei told us that GMM's latest product five-axis CNC intelligent bridge cutting machine is its deep research and development in the field of finishing, multi-dimensional linkage multi-function processing instead of a number of single-function bridge cutting equipment, not only saves labor and Energy consumption, but also to the factory management more convenient and effective.

3, to "create" first "quality"

Stone mechanical quality uneven, has been plagued by the orderly development of the industry one of the industry criticized, resulting in a low stone production and processing efficiency and many other issues. If you want to build a wave under the wave of mechanical intelligence, it is bound to start from the "quality" starting for the stone production and processing enterprises to provide help weapon.

In the Hui Valley technology marketing director Liao Chang view, "the gap between the industrial base of China's backward Europe and the United States is not a small gap, but the domestic stone machinery industry efforts are not ineffective, we learned to stand on the shoulders of the giant." Quartz stone plate as an example - a few years ago the domestic quartz stone plate line facing the technical level is low, the degree of automation is not high and so on. In addition to the variety of raw materials, the quality of suppliers, the origin of the differences, resulting in the same formula of the plate quality is not stable; combined with manual feeding, off-line ingredients and no dust collection device, resulting in a serious dust and organic Pollution, overweight labor intensity and production safety risks. Due to the low degree of automation brought about by the low productivity and other serious problems, artificial quartz stone plate manufacturers production and operation situation worrying. Liao Chang told us, Hui Valley in a clear analysis and recognition of the rapid growth of the industry trends, the positive understanding of the above issues and analysis, from the client's process needs and production difficulties integration of foreign advanced equipment technology concept, self-developed and manufacturing In line with China's national conditions, to the greatest extent possible to overcome the domestic artificial quartz stone plate manufacturer's production difficulties, to meet customer demand for the production line. Through continuous practice, Hui Valley has been patented and other intellectual property rights more than 40 items.

Now Hui Valley manufacturing line using centralized control, a high degree of automation, operation, monitoring, easy maintenance. At the same time using the automatic intelligent batching system to effectively reduce the probability of mismatch, to ensure the quality of sheet metal. According to the requirements of the industry design of the mixer with a combination of rotation and rotation of the mixing method to improve the uniformity of mixing. Increase the uniformity of the belt machine to ensure that the fabric density in the width of the uniform, cylindrical cloth machine and belt fabric machine and other fabric way to ensure the uniformity of the fabric, effectively improve the quality of the plate; efficient new press to overcome a number of Industry problems, stable and fast to ensure that the blank forming.

Prior to this, giant state mechanical launch of the new - SPG series of granite automatic mill, but also caused the stone mechanical circle and stone business concerns. The biggest highlight of this device is the use of the new "VTT" design language, can make stone polishing efficiency by 20%. The so-called "VTT" design language, that is, the application of biological bionics principles, abstracting a biological shape, structure and control principles, designed and manufactured more focused, more efficient and biometric stone machinery. Giant state machinery general manager Cai Jianhua told us that in recent years the technology, in order to use the same machine to a large plate grinding to 90 degrees or more, is not difficult. Difficult is how to put a plate of four corners and beveled and grinding the middle of the board as bright, which test the stability of the equipment and the accuracy of the foot time. In their use of feedback, the most is the corner of the photometric problem. In addition to the uniformity of the luminosity of the sheet, the customer is more likely to be able to increase the polishing rate, resulting in greater efficiency per unit of time. And to improve the rate, you need to optimize the machinery, circuit, gas, to make it more closely with the action faster response. SPG series granite automatic mill with grinding head automatic avoidance and shape memory function, and configure the conveyor belt anti-device, improve the degree of automation, can accurately control the time and out of the board.

Focus on the processing of stone processing lines and drying system of the strong independent research and development of new energy vacuum tray filling line of water in the market has attracted attention. Guo Bingsheng, general manager of the strong industry, told us that taking into account the water shortage of land restrictions, the equipment used double design, saving half the space, more attractive stone business is the use of biomass energy fever and grid tray transport, Not only save energy, reduce costs, but also to allow smooth curing plate to improve the quality of sheet metal to prevent secondary damage to the plate, reducing the rework rate, thereby enhancing production efficiency. August, Jiali Industrial enabled the latest processing technology, which used the first domestic 300 meters long tray vacuum vibration drying line is from the strong, its speed and quality of the superior level was highly recognized.

In the stone market more and more intense competition, profits are thinner today, the cost of 10% lower, it means that profits increased by 20%. Low profit era, in addition to making money, the more important is to save the way to reduce costs and increase profits. This has become the consensus of the enterprise. Guo Bingsheng view, in the final analysis of the machine equipment is to solve the pain of stone enterprises, so that their products to promote its development. In the process of transformation and upgrading of the stone industry, machinery and equipment not only to provide quality assurance equipment, but also for the stone enterprises share the worry, improve the efficiency of production and processing.

4, from the introduction of technology to independent research and development

Although the stone machinery enterprises are in the general trend of innovation, and achieved certain results, but the need to face the reality is that the stone machinery industry experienced product upgrading and industrial structure optimization and upgrading, to a large extent still rely on technology Introduction.

Due to the introduction of a period of time, light digestion and absorption and innovation, resulting in repeated introduction and continued dependence on foreign technology. China's stone machinery products, the ability of independent innovation is weak, not yet meet the needs of product upgrades, high-end CNC system and CNC machine tools, high-level low-voltage electrical appliances, knives and molds and other key basic parts can not meet the user requirements. The lack of core technology led to the domestic stone machinery on the one hand face the pressure of foreign enterprises, on the other hand have to fight in the domestic market price war, it is difficult to have the energy to look at technological innovation. Not only that, China's national conditions and the special needs of the market created the "Chinese problem only the Chinese people can solve" the characteristics of the stone machinery industry is also challenging.

In such a market situation and policy control under the dual-track parallel, the emergence of a number of "wisdom" made a reputation of stone machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, open independent research and development, intelligent manufacturing journey.

In the past July, Fujian Shengda Machinery Co., Ltd. for the first time to undertake the major scientific and technological research and development in Fujian Province special - "stone CNC machining equipment research and development and application" successfully passed the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department organized the expert group of rigorous review and acceptance. The project has achieved technological breakthrough in the field of NC Shaped Line Cutting Machine, CNC Shaped Line Grinding Machine and CNC Shaped Stone Five-axis Machining Center. In the course of R & D, Shengda has applied for 10 patents and 3 computer software Grass-roots intelligent manufacturing NC generation of product development and production services backbone of 89 people.

Shengda Machinery Chairman Su Yongding said that to achieve the "Made in China 2025" plan to achieve the transformation from the manufacturing power to the manufacturing power, intelligent manufacturing is the most important. Intelligent manufacturing is the core of a new round of industry, only through intelligent manufacturing, in order to drive the digital level of various industries and enhance the level of intelligence. At present, Shengda is to promote China's intelligent manufacturing as an opportunity, in accordance with the "Made in China 2025" strategic requirements, and strive for stone processing enterprises to solve the product of intelligent, automated, digital problems for the development of national intelligence manufacturing industry help.

Shengda machine in the past two years successfully developed three intelligent high degree of stone processing equipment, granite frame saw, CNC five-axis bridge stone cutting machine (King Kong 5, King Kong 6) products using CNC technology, computer control, not only Can be stone from zero to 45 degrees angle for any angle cutting, but also on the shape of the curved shape of stone (linear lines, arc lines, polyhedron, rotary body, etc.) for processing, a machine to buy a machine can produce Various types of stone, the added value is very high, high efficiency, high degree of automation, saving manpower and Huangliao, for enterprises to reduce costs and improve product market competitiveness, but also to meet the market demand for fine shaped stone Enterprises have brought considerable economic benefits.

"Granite processing equipment, for example, the traditional granite processing equipment, there are two, one is the sand saw, one is the rope saw, granite cutting seam roughly in the 8 ~ 10mm or so, using Shengda new granite