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In The First Seven Months, The Total Imports Of Stone At The Port Of Haicang Ranks First In The Country
- Aug 28, 2017 -

August 23, Xiamen News, 23, the reporter learned from the Xiamen Haicang Inspection and Quarantine was informed that in July this year, the Council received a total of 8128 batches of imported stone inspection, weighing 2,569,500 tons, the value of 477 million US dollars, respectively, year on year growth 29.88%, 30.12% and 32.25% respectively. The total amount of imported stone continued high-speed growth, ranking first in the national imports of stone.

Data show that the first 7 months of imports of stone in Haicang port stone 7232 batches, weighing 230.01 million tons, the value of 417 million US dollars, up respectively 29.84%, 31.02% and 33.65%; imports of granite stone 896 batches, weight 296,400 tons, the value of $ 57 million, an increase of 30.23%, respectively, 29.68% and 24.26%, to maintain the volume and price go up.

It is understood that the continuous growth of imports of stone at the port of Haicang mainly presents three characteristics. First, the proportion of marble imported from the port of Haicang is larger than that of marble, which is 88.58% of the total imports. Second, the distribution of imported stone sources is further expanded. The marble imports from Turkey are large, and the imported marble stone from Turkey accounts for 64.75 And the world's largest container ship successfully docked Haicang far sea wharf, bulk import stone berthing Haicang terminal, change the single, the largest container ship in the world, Container shipment of imported stone.