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Nine Advantages Of Onyx Impress The Global Wealthy
- Feb 26, 2018 -

Recently, high-end decoration have emerged "throw brick" phenomenon - abandon tiles or artificial stone bricks, the use of natural onyx as a decoration material. As a high-end building materials, natural onyx, in China, was applied to platinum seven star Sheraton Hotel in Huzhou, super mansion Shanghai Tomson Riviera and other new and old landmark buildings; internationally, such as Osaka, Japan LV Building, St. Petersburg, Russia, Grand Theater, University of Toronto Multicultural Center, Celine flagship high-end women's clothing exhibition hall, but also extensive use of onyx decoration.

Why wealthy mansion have "startling"? Some people say that compared with ceramic tiles, like antique and imitation goods, leather and PU leather, silk and man-made fibers, there are qualitative differences. Compared with the tiles, natural onyx unparalleled nine major advantages, is beyond the reach of ceramic tiles, so impressed the global business Guizhi, Regal celebrities.


One advantage of natural onyx: uniqueness.


Each piece of natural onyx pattern color, etc., are unique. It is this uniqueness, created a noble status of onyx. Regardless of the pursuit of noble regal celebrities, or pay attention to the middle class of life taste, do not want to have their own unique residential temperament; as a product of nature, onyx can not reproduce, the most in line with the pursuit of unique temperament needs, most Can highlight this unique and noble. In contrast, ceramic tile or artificial stone brick because of its highly reproducible and streamlined mode of production, product design uniform, no mystery to humans, but can only become ordinary consumer goods. Even if it changes, or imitation of natural products, but also inevitably have artificial marks. For example, the texture and color of the tiles are made by hand, appear similar, and more copies of the brand.


Two advantages of natural onyx: permanent.


Natural onyx was formed about a billion years ago in the late Proterozoic. In the long years, through the processes of carbonate sedimentation, crustal movement, magmatic temperature dissolution and alteration and crystallization, and then through the process of water flushing, handling and sedimentation, the onyx ore finally formed. Onyx texture delicate solid, contains the gods of nature, is a natural test of time, each piece is a natural dedication. Tiles and artificial marble tiles are fast-processing fast-food products, not to mention time accumulation.


Three advantages of natural onyx: scarcity.


The onyx used for decoration belongs to nephrite, whose Mohs hardness is 3. Due to the orogeny of the Himalaya, the activity of the geologic plate is intense and onyx ore is formed. It is widely distributed in the south of the Himalayas and the Andes with the scientific name of "calcite onyx ", Also known as" carbonate onyx "or" onyx onyx. " Natural onyx used for decoration materials are imported from overseas. However, the mined resources of mining mines are limited and transportation is very difficult. With the local government's protection of onyx resources, the number of onyx supplies to the Chinese market is quite limited. Therefore, expensive". Natural onyx is in the top of the "ecological chain" of decoration materials, which is the most scarce material. On the contrary, after a few years of rapid expansion in the ceramic tile industry, the whole industry is already in oversupply. Overcapacity and even some shoddy products appear in the decoration market, eroded the confidence of consumers and become the black sheep in the decoration market.


Four advantages of natural onyx: health.


Natural onyx can promote physical and mental health. Chinese people believe since ancient times that onyx "the essence of gathering heaven and earth", the most able to build "gas." Rich house, all stress with onyx bowl, onyx pillow to help nurture body and mind. Modern scientific research found that onyx is rich in trace elements required by the human body, can play a health role, the human microcirculation and other beneficial effects. People in the onyx space, to nurture physical and mental, feel the peace of mind. Tiles or artificial marble tiles have absolutely no health benefits. On the contrary, some environmentalists have also been concerned about the negative impact of organic pigments used in glaze on human beings and the social environment as a whole.


Five advantages of natural onyx: cultural.


In Chinese culture, onyx has always occupied a unique position. Chinese love onyx and enjoy onyx, forming a unique Chinese onyx culture. Natural onyx has a natural, original, distinguished features, is the heritage of oriental culture, represents the essence of Confucian culture, but also a symbol of culture, wealth and taste. Compared to the onyx heritage in the witness and accompany the cultural heritage accumulated during the development of society, tiles are just ordinary building materials, the lack of cultural gold content.


Six advantages of natural onyx: ornamental.


Onyx is a natural crystal with gloss, brilliant colors, and delicate warm, natural and transparent special ore. Through computer analysis and high-precision CNC machining equipment, onyx texture patterns can be spliced together to form a more spectacular picture. Ink onyx and other onyx produced large wall, the picture magnificent, known as "natural ink painting" in the world. Scientific research shows that the gorgeous and changeable texture of onyx is due to the different formation of gravel in the process of natural formation, different degrees of crystallization, different directions and produce beautiful changes. These texture, it is unique natural onyx ornaments used in the area of precious. The matte tile, or gloss is low, the color is more rigid, texture graphics, artificial traces of thick, can not match the onyx's natural sense of aesthetic appreciation.


Natural onyx advantages seven: diversity.


Onyx is a natural bulk mineral material, can be processed directly into a straight plate, can also be processed into a variety of shapes, such as lines, railings, pillars, and even exquisite handicrafts, integrated decoration effect more exciting. Use of large, high-precision machinery, onyx materials can be in accordance with the requirements of the designer, arbitrary processing. From the onyx wall background, onyx countertops to onyx screens, onyx sculptures, and a variety of onyx decoration, have done magnificent. Onyx carvings and works of art with the decoration, the overall degree of harmony can highlight its perfect. Seven-star hotel - Wuhan Wanda Ruihua Hotel lobby, made of onyx into a majestic onyx craft wall, praised by the industry. The tile is a flat type of decorative materials, can only be flat on the wall, more monotonous.


Natural onyx advantage eight: permeability.


Onyx has good light transmission performance, a variety of light transmission applications. Modern high-precision cutting process, can be cut into very thin onyx flake, so that onyx lights have a special sense of transparency, resulting in unprecedented results. LV building in Osaka, Japan is to demonstrate the success of onyx transparent crystal model. Tiles do not have this light transmission.


Natural onyx advantage nine: durability.


Onyx is a natural layered structure, even if the surface scratches, you can also polished surface repair, you can maintain the perfect result. The use of ceramic tiles in the process of inevitably fall out of trouble such as glaze, once damaged can not be repaired.



At present, in the choice of decorative building materials, has formed such a pattern: low-end places to choose the tiles, high-end places to use natural stone, which in turn the most valuable natural onyx. There are indications that a trend of application of onyx decoration has arrived.