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Old Stone New Gameplay
- Feb 27, 2018 -

At present, many stone enterprises have been trapped in the mindset trapped by the Internet. With the rise of young consumers, demonstrating to young people has become a trend of enterprise development in today's market environment. Young groups have the ability to consume, consumers have the will, And seize the right to speak through the Internet, this series of reasons for the major stone enterprises have "reduced age" behavior, focusing on the next generation of consumer concerns.

Flat trading patterns

In this new shared economy model, information is exchanged point-to-point as soon as there is a link between resources, greatly reducing management and time costs. The moment is still the stone business "a move can win the world," the golden age. In the product homogeneity, lack of technological innovation today, fancy marketing and emotional output most can lead to consumer discussions.

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Diversified marketing models

Some people say that in the stone industry there is no brand problem, but there is no so-called net rookie rookie, but the fact is there. Brand imperceptibly, implanted in our minds, Stone people change the pattern of play marketing is no longer nothing new. Diversified marketing methods to drive sales is now well known stone circle "routine", make full use of online platforms, the major stone enterprises are looking for a variety of marketing methods to increase exposure, while shaping the corporate image, but also to promote Sales.

Attract the eye, gather popularity is the major stone enterprises to make every effort to achieve the exhibition objectives. Both Xiamen exhibition, Rugao exhibition or Qingdao exhibition, gathered the most purchase intention of the professional merchants, the major stone enterprises have also seized this platform, beauty catwalks, song and dance performances, vaudeville show, stone people show marketing can be described as superb . And these so-called formal marketing is really effective, we can not be equated with the sales, but popularity from the booth point of view, this approach does bring a lot of traffic to exhibitors.

Apart from the show, whether it is tracking the hot holiday, or building their own brand, each marketing is impressive. Kam Shing Stone launched this summer's "Kam Shing a meal" campaign, hit the "unexpected price, enjoy the quality of" slogan, within a month, continued to launch four daily products to ultra-low The price of new and old customers back. Once the event started, it spread in the industry, many buyers came here. On the first day, the four products were sold out in just a few hours. Not only this, but also the sale of other products in the store, a full fire in the off-season in this market. Of course, this successful marketing is not a case, although many stone enterprises in different ways, but the effect is not the same, the diversification of the stone industry, the emergence of marketing, but also let us see the industry's new hope.

Home improvement use personalized

Needless to say, the stone enterprises in the home improvement operation of the young line is very clear and clear, black and white gray with the main colors, simplistic home improvement design have become the current home improvement trend younger. When the whole industry respected the purchasing power of young individuals, the concept of youth was also given more dimensions. The demand of consumers for stone utilization has not only kept up with the unilateral reasons, but also changed the young Into a way of life.

When all the stone brand in the earth-shaking transformation at the same time, a name of "good for the born" brand - Bellissimo Marmi came into being. Quickly grasp the psychology of consumers, give full play to the role of Whitehead in the field of home improvement, to create a white space. This will be the perfect combination of the exhibition hall and the big board store brand, within a few months, it has high popularity in the industry. Bellissimo Marmi is also known as the word "beautiful."

When we visited the major stone markets, we also learned that many brands have begun to push the gray-type stone, which undoubtedly brought a lot of traffic. In the young consumer-oriented market, the use of stone will also be more sense of design.

Of course, with the improvement of the home improvement market trend, but also led the one-stop home improvement in the field of development trends. The pursuit of simple, fast consumption patterns for young people also gives us reason to believe that the pan-home industry will become the mainstream trend in the future, and more stone enterprises will also join the pan-home sector to speed up the home improvement process .

Young team

A business needs insight into the concept of consumption of young people, you must have a young team, tossing and tossing people. Diversification of consumer demand Today's enterprises need to face fierce competition and changing market, after 80 to 90 become the main force to occupy the market, in order to firmly grasp the piece of cake, you must have a group of young and energetic members Inject fresh blood into the team.

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand with what we have seen in respecting the world. From leaders to team members, we have formed a small and beautiful elite team and constantly brought new surprises to us. When you see the home improvement presented by the dedication, young, personal, and design are all in the heart. Members are the most important part of an enterprise. The product of an enterprise is the thought and epitome of the enterprise.

Therefore, it is especially important to find a group of young team, so that enterprises can grasp the latest developments without extra laborious time and speculation about how to cater to young consumers who do not hold the commonplace. Enterprises need young people to promote the young industry as a whole.

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When the mature stone enterprises encounter young consumers, the core is "how to seize the heart of consumers," and consumer interaction and interaction is to achieve the ultimate is to make the brand also tend to be younger. Let us not help but think, is this a good thing? Young people also bear the shadow of immature, but more innovation and advance with the times.

Can not be ignored is that the process of rejuvenation of the business still need to respect the laws of communication and market laws, to see the challenges and barriers Internet technology brings, stone enterprises to gain the most real, fresh consumer insights, stone and Find a connection among young people, so that the brand then young up. Strictly speaking, the younger trend we advocate is not just a formal transformation. Rather, we must experiment and iterate rapidly to keep pace with the times in order to seize new opportunities in the market.