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- Jan 20, 2017 -
Plagioclase is greatly more than alkali feldspar granite type, common in some areas of the western United States.Alkali feldspar content greatly exceed the plagioclase granite originated in New England, Britain and dozens of locations in Oslo, Norway, but is smaller, the rock mass in northern Nigeria's development is very broad.Quartz content in rock is less than20%Don't call granite, dark mineral content of magnesia mineral (iron) is about20%(by volume).Less in the granite is the main mineral of the white mica, biotite, hornblende, pyroxene or rare fayalite.Biotite can originate in any type of granite, and usually have, though sometimes content is very few.Sodium amphibole and pyroxene (riebeckite amphibole, sodium, iron, aegirine) is unique to alkaline granite.If no class content in two classes of feldspar and much more than the other, then the hornblende, pyroxene are unlikely to be the main minerals;Dark minerals is usually black mica or white mica, or both.