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Ring Can International (01102) Annual Loss Is Expected To Increase To Buy A Granite Mining Company
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Can ring international (01102) announced that the company is expected to be the group in Maros marble book value in the project on June 30, 2016 mining industry a comprehensive impairment of about hk $81 million. Relevant impairment after confirmation will be the group's fiscal year 2016 full-year results reflect, and will make the group's net loss increased to about hk $78.3 million from a year earlier.

Announcement, said on January 18, 2017, the company a wholly owned subsidiary ring can mining (the buyer) and vayee international co., LTD. (the seller) to enter into a memorandum of understanding about potential takeover vayee international development co., LTD. (target company) 100% issued share capital and shareholders loans (if any).

Announcement shows that the target company indirectly with liaoning xingcheng kaiyuan stone co., LTD. (China subsidiary) 100% stake, while China affiliate ?