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SD Machine Fujian's First Granite Frame Saw Official Start Running In Edgestone
- Aug 14, 2017 -

Recently, by the Fujian SD Machinery Co., Ltd. independent research and development of the granite frame saw SKJ80A in Egestone official test machine running. It is reported that this is SD machine after more than 10 years of research and development experiments, with completely independent property rights of the first domestic granite frame saw, which means that the high hardness of granite large board sawing way has opened a new chapter.

Fujian SD Machinery Co., Ltd. independent research and development of granite frame saw SKJ80A in Edgestone official test machine running

Traditionally, granite processing equipment sand saw and rope sawing a long time, low production capacity, high consumption of materials, environmental pollution, these are the reasons for the slow development of granite industry. "High-performance granite frame saw" has the advantages of low cutting cost, fast processing speed, flat surface, high output rate, environmental protection and energy saving, easy operation and stable performance. Once introduced, it is widely recognized by the market.

Ace advantage - high yield

According to granite processing for nearly a decade of industry people Sun master seems, the advent of granite frame saw, the real sense of the granite industry to promote the development. In the past, the domestic granite processing using single-chip saws, circular saws, sand saws and other equipment have low production capacity, cutting time-consuming and other defects, and foreign use of the cost of rope saws and supplies are too high, making the profit rate is not high Granite enterprises discouraged, little introduction. And until the emergence of the frame saw, only to break the challenges of these industries.

Granite frame saw SKJ80A

"Frame saw because of its own properties, one can cut a material, the production efficiency greatly improved than before; and thanks to its ultra-narrow cutting seam, making the material out of the material rate is also greatly improved, which is the boss Most concerned about. "Sun master said so. It is understood that the traditional sand saws saw the cutting seam in the 8-10mm, and the frame saw the cutting seam is only 4mm, which makes every cubic meter can be cut out of 4 square meters of large board, a complete increase in the rate of 20 % Or so, also for the enterprise to bring a higher profit margins.

Strong "hard" strength - hardness breakthrough

A new generation of high-performance granite frame saws in the cutting hardness, also made a breakthrough. "The problem has been plaguing the industry," he said. "The problem has been plagued by the fact that the rope saws with diamond beads are too high and the disk saws have been plagued." With the frame saw Of the advent of these troubles are one by one break. Compared to the rope saw, in the case of reduced costs, the frame saw can be more efficient cutting Mohs hardness of 5-6 between the granite, quartz stone plate, but also improve the quality of sheet cutting. According to the relevant staff revealed that SKJ80A has successfully completed the "Chengde Green", "China Blue", "royal ballet", "limestone" "five lotus" and other large stone cutting test.

Granite frame saw SKJ80A cut out of stone

Granite frame saw the available, in one fell swoop to solve the world-class stone processing technology problems. Equipment, intelligent upgrade and improve the SD people lingering in the hearts of the technical plot, all SD people always "revitalize the Chinese stone machinery and equipment industry" as their own industry responsibility, in the "Made in China 2025" strategic planning In the SD machinery will lead the stone processing industry through continuous innovation, help in China to upgrade manufacturing transformation.