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So Many Kitchen Mesa Material, Why Do We Choose The Granite?
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Main ambry mesa material at home and abroad such as fire prevention board, stainless steel, marble, artificial stone, materials are many, but they are not as good as granite.Aram below small make up to introduce many of the advantages of granite for you:

1, the hardness is very strong.For kitchen knives and other sharp things doesn't scratch on the hard surface.It is said that unless other granite or diamond will only damage to its.This is its practicality.You don't need to carefully everywhere worry leave scratches on it.

2, high temperature resistant.Granite surface can be very good heat dissipation and not blister or cracked.It can resist high temperature frying pan, even without leaving traces.But even so, mat mat is still good.

3, beautiful appearance.For kitchen cabinets and mesa material, granite, already practical beautiful.Subtle color changes is man-made stone granite can not fake, and the color will change with the change of the light.Its color, stain or other style throughout the whole piece of granite, and man-made stone is only the surface layer, so the characteristics of each stone is different.

4, prevent bacterial growth.Due to its texture and structure, so the granite of the space inside is very, very small, can say no pore, so it is not easy to breed bacteria and other dirt in the kitchen.Mold and mildew will not exist.

5, easy to clean, improve the kitchen environment.Granite countertops nursing is fairly simple, daily cleaning and clean with a soft cloth or paper towel quickly without difference.Because of the compact stone particles, low porosity, dyeing, it is not problem.You can even cut things on it.The cold surface is suitable for processing pastry.Installing granite kitchen countertops, everyone will fall in love with cooking.