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Stone Imported In Xiamen Port Doubled In The First Half Of 2017
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Reporters recently learned from the East Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 2017 in the first half, Xiamen Dongdu port 4498 stone imports, 145.34 million tons, 229 million US dollars (about 1.557 billion yuan), respectively, year on year increase of 13.99%, 12.72%, 9.57%.

According to statistics, the import of stone into the bulk of bulk cargo, the first half of a total of 74 million tons of cargo loaded a total of 1.046 million tons, the value of 162 million US dollars of incoming stone docked Dongdu port area. Which from India, Brazil, South Africa, three BRIC countries accounted for more than Qi Cheng, only India accounted for five percent of stone.

Xiamen Port is the country's largest entry stone distribution center, accounting for about 50% of the national import volume. Xiamen Dongdu port has a good geographical location, customs clearance soft environment continues to improve, more port advantages. Dongdu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the bulk of bulk cargo stone after the implementation of the first batch of inspection and verification and other verification and verification of inspection and quarantine measures to facilitate the use of a single window, E-CIQ trunk system, electronic gate and other information means, from Declaration, inspection, release the whole process of paperless, to achieve the entry of stone pass inspection zero to be.