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Tentacles To The Standardization Of Products Nanan Stone Enterprises Fight Home Decoration Market
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Whether it is last year's head stone Expo, or this year's Xiamen International Stone Fair, there are many South enterprises in the highly respected standardized products. And these highly respected enterprises are no longer limited to the stone composite board industry, including lines, natural marble wall brick.

Insiders told reporters that the current global, high and so on hundreds of Nanan stone enterprises trying to take the product standardization of the road, this data came earlier than expected. This also shows that stone standardization process is accelerating.

100 stone enterprises to accelerate product standardization

Stone standard standardization, the earliest from the stone composite board industry. In recent years, the stone through the board industry by the stone composite panel industry, its standardization, modular also gradually become a trend.

In the stone through the board industry, standardization, especially in lines, Roman column, the background wall staggering. National Federation of Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce Stone Committee Secretary-General Baili Jiang told reporters that the early lines and the Roman column are made of blocks of blocks cut, it is easy to form a large number of scrap, not only a waste of material, and the product cumbersome, easy to install. In recent years, by the standardization of composite board to lead, began modular production.

The first engaged in the production of the whole body of the board of the Nanan enterprises to the number of art stone. Now, by the supply of stone material is from 2 cm to 5 cm range of stone from the stitching made of. Zongyi Stone General Manager Lu Youyou told reporters that the stone pieces of a little better shape control, polishing can also be more fine, by its assembly of finished products are more quality assurance. At the same time, can also reduce the waste of raw materials, 2 cm and above the gravel can be used.

Lu Shaoyou said with a smile: "You do not look at the specifications of such a few, but the combination of modeling there are hundreds of the.

In addition to Zongyi, such as Yuxing, Bangxing, three Sheng, and other profiled production-oriented enterprises also opened a standard modular production. Three Sheng general manager Huang Jiangting told reporters, three Sheng's special product is quite diversified, both large size, but also modular, so basically no inventory worries.

Into some of the Nanan stone business exhibition hall, whether it is the ground, or the backdrop, and more symmetrical, combined form of presentation. Dapu chairman Zhou Xiaozeng told reporters that the standardization of production of stone can be through different paving way, Fun home furnishing new tricks.

According to reports, the current Dapu main paving way tiling, on the pattern, the fight, block collage and other four kinds. Tile is the most common way of marble collage, generally suitable for modern minimalist style of home improvement. The pattern of symmetry, that is, through the texture of the symmetrical combination of new texture form, to give more changes in the possibility of space.

The marble strip is divided into two kinds: one is the same color with the texture of the marble with the specifications of a regular collage, a different texture of different textures of different specifications of the marble without a fixed pattern of creative collage. The fight is generally applicable to the artistic personality space shaping, the exhibition hall or the hotel is more widely used. Stripe collage in addition to make space more different, but also to make space more three-dimensional and imagination. Block collage is mainly a variety of geometric patterns of collisions collage, to a block to fight for the template and then repeat the collage, geometric pattern collage to make space more extended sense, changing and spacious.

It is understood that the current global, high, West Kam, Xin Rong and other traditional stone production enterprises have also started a standard modular products, embarked on the road of standardization of enterprises up to 100.

Mass production to grab home market

Undeniably, stone standardization of production, so that many stone people took the lead in the terminal building materials market. This also means that the stone industry in the standardization of continuous progress at the same time, together with the industry to clear the inventory problem.

Speaking of stone standardization, as early as a few years, there are many stone people will think that this is "nothing to find things." Because the earlier stone enterprises, mostly according to the needs of the project production, do not need to consider the design, but do not need to consider the sales. And now, stone people hear the standardization of stone, attitude is a 360-degree turn. Even some people insist that the stone is only standardized, to a higher profit home improvement market.

Standardized stone, so that stone home improvement possible. Now, the use of standardized stone decoration exhibition hall, and the exhibition hall to the national large and small cities of stone enterprises are not unusual. Nanan billion stone of its brand Jinzhuang Royal is one of the more typical of a. In just one year, they put the dealer to expand to 100.

Billion Shida chairman Li Cheng specifically put this efficiency into stone standardization. He said that only the product specification standardization, in order to achieve mass production, in order to ensure the stability of the terminal store demand. He also said that with the standardization of production, "100 City shop" is not a dream.

In fact, the current stone industry, only one company really the product size, specifications to achieve 100% standardization. This business is to use traditional stone to do shaped products "old three lines." "The old three lines to do standardization, take home improvement channels, this model and the composite board brand business is somewhat similar, but the composite board industry standards, only 70% of the standard, because there will be some customers to do this kind of customization. The old three lines is absolutely 100% of the standardization, all size and size are fixed. "Old three lines Chairman Chen Yingfeng said that the standardization of the decision to often operate the dealer channel is difficult.

"Standardization" into industry trends

Market economy situation forcing the stone industry continue to explore, learn from the standardization of the ceramic industry road. Of course, here is not only the business efforts, but also inseparable from the promotion of industry organizations.

November 2015, "stone composite panel technology specifications" and "natural stone wall tiles" two building materials industry standards through the review. Standard, once again standardize the stone composite panels and stone wall tiles specifications size standards.

As early as 2009, stone size has been included in the "natural granite construction plate" standard. Has been 2 national standard, 2 line standard referred to the specifications and composite board specifications size.

In the national stone quality inspection center market minister Chen Guang view, stone products should not only focus on specifications size standards, product quality standards, technical standards, installation service standards should be taken seriously. Only the establishment of stone products, quality, technology, technical standards, in order to make stone really become an industry in order to embark on a large scale, standardized development of the road.

In addition, Chen also stressed that stone enterprises must pay attention to product quality, and in strict accordance with national standards for the implementation of production, enterprises can become bigger and stronger, the industry can really form the industrialization. Bai Lijiang told reporters that each national standard, line out, the industry will organize the company responsible for the implementation of the standard implementation of the standard. In recent years, Nanan enterprises for the standard awareness has been significantly improved.