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With Technology, Stone Leftover Material Turn Into Craft And Being Popular In Overseas Markets
- Jun 07, 2017 -

As Asia's largest stone distribution center, Nanan in the creation of "international stone" at the same time, also bear the accumulation of huge stock of waste pressure.

According to incomplete statistics, only a head, the annual production of thousands of tons of sample waste. How to deal with these waste, has become the biggest business troubles. Recently, the reporter visited the discovery, located in the head of the coastal road near the South Granville Stone (Quanzhou) Co., Ltd. not only to achieve a zero inventory, but also the original unprofitable defect made a hot gift, improve the value-added products.

Abandoned blocks turned into daily necessities

Edge stone into the living room, the corner and there is no accumulation of a variety of dense, colorful stone sample plate, but placed a neat and orderly ashtray.

Is there so much ashtray in a hall? While the reporter was confused, Edge Stone Chairman Huang Changjing came out from the office and untied the mystery: "These ashtrays are produced by Edge themselves, both as a sample and as a gift."

Huang Changjing said that he contacted the stone business, before doing a project, will first send the sample to the project side. There are some enterprises in order to promote new products, will be thousands of decorative companies to send samples. And these samples, the specifications are roughly the same. Not to say, do these samples to waste a lot of manpower, the number of samples cut each year are very scary. The most critical is whether the engineering side or the decoration company to receive these samples, in addition to look at, there is no other role, and even for these "garbage" and worry.

Interview, some stone business owners believe that these samples, this is cut from the scrap plate, in addition to produce some additional power costs, and did not cause waste of raw materials. However, Huang Changjing did not think so. In his view, the so-called environmental protection, is to prevent enterprises to produce garbage, but not to bring social congestion.

Edge made the sample like a small piece of ashtray, which is starting from 2015. Last year, Huang Changjing with his block of the supplier to make a proposal, that is, those abandoned the block into the ashtray, the supplier can only pay some wages. Did not expect the supplier to promise at once. Therefore, Edge will be the remaining waste blocks, processed into 500 15cm × 10cm ashtray.

So that the supplier is quite surprised that the original was abandoned the corner of the sample, but now the supplier as a daily necessities on the table. Huang Changjing introduction, this year, there are three Huangliao suppliers, the waste shipped to Edge, asked to process into a small sample of daily necessities, and marked the blank supplier of two-dimensional code and contact information.

"The sample made of daily necessities of this way to promote, has let some miners tasted the sweetness." Huang Changjing believe that the sample made of daily necessities to promote the way, will become a trend, and Nanan enterprises stacked like a mountain sample Slowly cut down. In this way, also considered to promote the "go inventory" pace.

Products are exported to dozens of countries and regions

In the interview, Huang Changjing told reporters such a set of data: the maximum output rate of imported blocks is 95%, if it is marble waste can be processed into mosaic, and granite waste will be directly thrown away. The main reason is that the granite hardness, cutting costs are high, therefore, usually 10cm × 60cm × 30cm specifications of the granite will be discarded as waste rock.

This is done in the handicrafts of Huang Changjing view, especially waste. He told reporters that Edge was founded in 1992, was the first export processing resin handicrafts, in 1995 began production of stone sheet and handicrafts. And really make stone and resin crafts together is 3 years ago.

"Early we have to do some like Jackson, Obama and other world famous statues of handicrafts, which is filled with stone powder." Huang Changjing said, stone powder is particularly cheap, a cart only 300 yuan. And crafts with stone powder and artificial stone does not conflict, artificial stone use of stone powder particles are relatively thick, and crafts are medium grain size of the stone powder.

Geographical advantage, greatly saving the Southway crafts production costs. While the price and quality advantages, compared to South Victoria won numerous foreign gift orders. In 2012, Southway received an American order - one hundred thousand trophy base. However, Edge received orders, and did not rush to produce, but with the other made a proposal: the use of stone to replace the resin base, a need to increase the cost of 2-3 cents, the price can be increased by 5 cents. It is surprising that this proposal has been adopted.

Huang Changjing said, with stone instead of resin at the end of the enterprise is no difference, will not increase the cost of any raw materials, because these lumps of stone was originally abandoned. But for foreign wholesalers, this not only can improve the trophy of the grade, more can increase the price.

Today, Edge production of stone trophy base has been exported to the United States, Europe, Africa and other dozens of countries and regions. Huang Changjing admits that the future of stone and crafts combined with the field will not only that

In addition to stone works and crafts, Edge also aimed at household items, such as stone laundry pool. "At present, we used to process the laundry of the stone, mostly engineering materials left the first. First, in order to consume inventory, the second is the price advantage." Huang Changjing said, since the launch of stone laundry pool in 2015, every month Sold nearly 500.

Huang Changjing said that the laundry made of granite, whether in safety and hydrophilicity, are better than other building materials, the future market is broad.