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Xiamen Of Aloes Cream-colored Limestone Rock: Let The Building Become The Most Beautiful Scenery City
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Architecture is frozen music, each a unique shape and design like a beat note, sending out the culture breath, intoxicating, soliciting idea.Architecture is a city of language and expression, machine-made copy but let city to have their own personality.Architecture is a city business card, is the city's temperament, taste and personality, and urban development and bring out the best in each other, remember a building, he met a city.

It is based on the construction market demand of the building materials decorative, functional and personalized prospective, xiamen introduction of aloes cream-colored limestone of rock stone co., LTD.Aloes, cream-colored limestone with classical color, stable quality, density, color difference is small, easy to shape, experience is long cover is new, and many other advantages.Is widely used in dry hanging wall, indoor metope, ground, special-shaped columns, etc., to meet the needs of large project, give natural texture, personality and elegant style, exterior walls when night falls, buildings and bright lights, grey blue sky together, more show elegant, high-end of the architecture with unique taste.

Kun aloes cream-colored limestone rock, reflected the gentry rock person low-key, modest attitude, respecting nature, the unity of nature and supreme state.More importantly, make construction to eliminate the machine-made copy, to maximize the creation of the space, will be fine every inch of land use, let the building become the most beautiful scenery in the city.

It is reported that xiamen of rock stone co., LTD. Is a collection of stone import, processing, export trade in one of the modern stone enterprises, give full play to the advantage resources and personnel, equipment, article introduced all kinds of marble and granite slabs, board, specifications board, project board, panel, stair board, cylindrical, fireplace, tombstone, carving, stone laying and various kinds of man-made stone, water knife spelling a flower, and so on, by virtue of product quality, high cost performance, perfect service, personalized decoration style, in the stone, products not only in domestic has extensive customer base, but also exported to Germany, Italy, Turkey, Iran, and many other countries.