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Yunfu Newport Stone Imports Contrarian Growth In The First Four Months By 33%
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Container full of pier, travel to take the dragon. January to April this year, Yunfu Newport stone imports of 540,000 tons, an increase of 33%, contrarian substantial growth, while the national and Guangdong ports increased by 4% over the same period, the port of Guangdong accounted for 64% of the port, a record high The

Yunfu Newport Pier, a busy scene. Huge container crane, shuttle handling non-stop; container base from a seat "hill", one can not see the edge; transport containers of large trucks filed out, showing a huge port throughput. These containers, most of the loaded goods are stone blocks, the terminal bulk cargo yard can be seen as a mountain stone blocks.

"In addition to the stone industry boom factors, we Customs through a series of initiatives to improve the customs clearance environment, improve customs clearance efficiency, with fair, transparent, clean, professional customs services, so that enterprises enjoy the real In the reform of the dividend, in order to promote the return of stone imports, bigger and stronger local logistics to provide a good environment, also received a good effect. "Yunfu (Luoding) Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong Supervision Department official said. According to him, last year, under the attention and guidance of Guangzhou Customs, Yunfu Newport supervision field upgraded from Class B to Class A, non-customs working hours of the terminal can be implemented normal operation, to enhance the comprehensive effectiveness of the terminal; Quality, paperless, electronic payment, computer selection, promotion of "regional customs clearance integration" and other means to create an open, transparent, scientific and efficient customs clearance environment for enterprises to reduce losses and efficiency, won the enterprise recognition and support The

It is reported that from January to April this year, Yunfu Newport throughput showed a good overall growth trend, including import and export cargo volume of 755,000 tons, an increase of 26%; import and export goods worth 190 million US dollars, an increase of 15%.