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Paradiso Granite Tiles And Slabs

Paradiso Granite Tiles And Slabs

Edge Stone is a trusted and experienced manufacturer of Paradiso Granite Tiles and Slabs, we supply stone products for projects, wholesalers and fabricators all over the world. It would be our honor to provide excellent service and high quality products for you, we are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.

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Product Details

Paradiso Granite Tiles and Slabs


Available Colors: White, Gray, Beige, Black, Cream, Brown, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, etc.

Stone Type: Paradiso Granite

Country of Origin: China

Available Finishes: polished, honed, flamed, brushed, pickling, antique, bush hammered, sandblasted, grooved, tumbled, sawn, mushroom, chiseled, natural split, pineapple, etc.

Available Sizes of Paradiso Granite Tiles and Slabs


Packaging and Shipping

Packed in strong wooden crate or bundles, all wood is fumigated as per current international requirements ISPM15. Details as following,

Slabs: pad with plastic film between slabs, then packed in strong seaworthy wooden bundle outside;

Tiles: 6-10 pieces in one foam/paper box inside + strong seaworthy wooden crates, reinforced with metal straps outside;

Countertops: pad with foamed plastics, then packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with metal straps outside;

Sink/Mosaic/Cut-to-size: foam and carton inside + strong seaworthy wooden crates, reinforced with metal straps outside.

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About Edgestone

We are a trusted and experienced manufacturer of stone products, professional on marble, onyx, granite and artificial stone, we supply for projects, wholesalers and fabricator all over the world.

Located at Shuitou, the stone center of China, we own 36,300 square meters of workshop, equip 7 block cutting machines, 2 automatic polishing machines and 11 edge cutting machines, etc, hold a large inventory of high quality stone slabs providing our customers with abundant choices in every color and type of product.

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Certificates of Edgestone Products


Projects for your reference


If you're interested in Paradiso Granite Tiles and Slabs, just feel free to contact us, we will keep providing excellent service and good quality products for you.

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