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Artificial marble panels basic knowledge is introduced
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Artificial marbleIs to use the clastic rock of natural marble or granite as the filling material, in cement,gypsumAnd not saturated polyester resin as adhesive, classics agitate forming, grinding andpolishingAfter made.So artificial marble has many characteristics of natural marble, such as artificial marble due to manual adjustment, so the design and color is various, has good flexibility, cohesion is not obvious, integral feeling is very strong, and colorful, has the ceramic luster, high surface hardness, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, and very easy to clean.But there are a lot of shortcomings, there is a significant harm to human body.On the market at present common artificial marble usually has the following four: cement type artificial marble, polyester type artificial marble, complex artificial marble, sintered artificial marble.

veneer(woodveneer), full namedecorationVeneer coverplywood, it is natural lumber or technology wooden plane cut into a certain thickness of slice, adhesion on surface of plywood, and hot pressing and become a kind of used toIndoor decorationOr the surface of the furniture manufacturing materials.Materials used are stone, porcelain veneer board, metal, wood, etc.

Artificial marble panels are produced by artificial marble.Imitate the surface texture of marble processing and become, with similar characteristics, the mechanism of marble and patterns can be madedesignTo determine control, good reproducibility.And artificial marble pollution resistance, and good machinability, can make arc, surface and shape, construction is convenient.